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Volume . Engineering Materials 2

Authors: D R H Jones Michael Ashby

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Mineral Processing Technology

Published: 1st December 1987 Editor: D. W. Hopkins Author: Barry A. Wills

Engineering Materials 2

Published: 1st November 1986 Authors: Michael Ashby D.R.H. Jones

Fundamentals of Metallurgical Processes

Published: 1st November 1985 Authors: L. Coudurier D. W. Hopkins I. Wilkomirsky

Volume 28. Principles of Metal Surface Treatment and Protection

Published: 1st January 1978 Editor: D. W. Hopkins Author: D. R. Gabe

Volume 23. Elasto-Hydrodynamic Lubrication

Published: 1st January 1977 Editor: D. W. Hopkins Authors: D. Dowson G. R. Higginson