Series: International Series in Modern Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

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Volume 24. Semantic Networks in Artificial Intelligence

Published: 3rd July 1992 Editors: F. Lehmann
Semantic Networks are graphic structures used to represent concepts and knowledge in computers. Key uses include natural language understanding, information retrieval, machine vision, object-oriented analysis and dynamic control of combat aircraft. This major collection addresses every level of reader interested in the field of knowledge representation. Easy to read surveys of the main research families, most written by the founders, are followed by 25 widely varied articles on semantic networks and the conceptual structure of the world. Some extend ideas of philosopher Charles S Peirce 100 years ahead of his time. Others show connections to databases, lattice theory, semiotics, real-world ontology, graph-grammers, lexicography, relational algebras, property inheritance and semantic primitives. Hundreds of pictures show semantic networks as a visual language of thought.

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