Series: International Perspectives on Child and Adolescent Mental Health

In recent years concerted efforts have been directed towards the development, implementation, and evaluation of assessment and treatment practices with children, adolescents and their families. There has been a shift towards empirically-supported practices and systems of care that mandate mental health services in the context of the child's family and social ecology. As a result of these developments, progress has been made in advancing the scope and quality of services. As systems of care are different across countries and cultures, it is imperative that knowledge is shared and lessons learned. The biennial international conference on Child and Adolescent Mental Health, organised by Elsevier, is designed to provide a forum for mental health and educational experts from various disciplines and countries. Since 1998 the International Conference on Child & Adolescent Mental Heath has brought together hundreds of mental health and education experts, consumers and carers from various disciplines and from around the world to discuss and evaluate the current status of these new and exciting developments. Conferences have taken place in Hong Kong (1998), Kuala Lumpur (2000) and Brisbane (2002). The volumes in this series present selections of papers presented at the biennial conferences highlighting research and practice in child and adolescent mental health from around the world.
International Perspectives on Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Most recent volume

Volume 2. International Perspectives on Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Published: 17th April 2002 Editors: Nirbhay N Singh Thomas H Ollendick Ashvind N Singh

Additional volumes

Volume 1. International Perspectives on Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Published: 1st June 2000 Editors: N. Singh Dee Pang A. Singh