Most recent volume

Volume 1304. The Interdisciplinary Conference on Tryptophan and Related Substances: Chemistry, Biology, and Medicine

Published: 6th December 2007 Editor: K. Takai

Additional volumes

Volume 1303. The Metabolic Syndrome: The Road Map from Inflammation to Cardiovascular Disease, ICS 1303

Published: 29th August 2007 Editors: Gaetano Crepaldi Antonio Tiengo Angelo Avogaro

Volume 1302. Molecular Biology and Pharmacology of Tissue Repair

Published: 13th July 2007 Editor: Sabine Werner

Volume 1301. Brain-Inspired IT III

Published: 10th July 2007 Editors: Kiyohisa Natsume Akitoshi Hanazawa Tsutomu Miki

Volume 1300. New Frontiers in Biomagnetism, ICS 1300

Published: 6th July 2007 Editors: Douglas Cheyne Bernhard Ross Gerhard Stroink Hal Weinberg

Volume 1297. Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis 2006, ICS 1297

Published: 24th April 2007 Editors: Peter Burckhardt Robert Heaney Bess Dawson-Hughes

Volume 1295. Surgery of the Rheumatoid Hand and Wrist

Published: 26th June 2006 Editors: Ian Trail Michael Hayton

Volume 1286. Beyond the Mind-Body Dualism: Psychoanalysis and the Human Body

Published: 12th April 2006 Editor: Evy Zacharacopoulou

Volume 1280. Assessment and Promotion of Work Ability, Health and Well-being of Ageing Workers

Published: 6th July 2005 Editors: Giovanni Costa Willem Goedhard Juhani Ilmarinen

Volume 1279. Gynaecology, Obstetrics, and Reproductive Medicine in Daily Practice

Published: 12th May 2005 Editors: Evert Slager Bart Fauser Herman van Geijn Hans Brolmann Harry Vervest

Volume 1263. Options for the Control of Influenza V

Published: 16th July 2004 Editor: Yoshihiro Kawaoka