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Volume 26. Theory of Electrophoresis and Diffusiophoresis of Highly Charged Colloidal Particles

Published: 1st November 2018 Author: Eric Lee

Theory of Electrophoresis and Diffusiophoresis of Highly Charged Colloidal Particles investigates the electrophoretic and diffusiophoretic behaviors of highly charged particles with theoretical approaches by rigorously solving the complete general electrokinetic equations numerically, without any simplifications or approximations. It examines in detail the features that are pertinent to highly charged particles. Special attention is given to the polarization effect that is by far the most important one.

This book provides realistic predictions for the electrophoretic mobility of highly charged particles such as proteins and DNAs, which are of great interest in the field of biochemistry and biomedical applications. Further, this book provides extensive treatments of the non-rigid colloidal systems of practical interests such as the liquid droplets, pores, porous systems and gels, in addition to the conventional rigid particles. As a result, it serves as a very useful tool for chemical engineers or research scientists by providing easy-to-apply charts to either interpret their experimental data or explore feasibility of novel designs in practical operations.

Additional volumes

Volume 24. Charge and Energy Storage in Electrical Double Layers

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Volume 27. Graphene Surfaces

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Volume 23. Tailored Thin Coatings for Corrosion Inhibition Using a Molecular Approach

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Volume tbd. Surface Science of Adsorbents and Nanoadsorbents

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Volume 22. Rheology of Emulsions

Published: 25th April 2018 Author: Aleksandar M. Spasic

Volume 21. Self-Assembly Processes at Interfaces

Published: 18th November 2017 Author: Vincent Ball

Volume 20. Particles at Interfaces

Published: 16th October 2017 Author: Zbigniew Adamczyk

Volume 19. Nanoparticle Technologies

Published: 15th January 2013 Author: Farid Bensebaa

Volume 18. Interface Science and Composites

Published: 4th June 2011 Authors: Soo-Jin Park Min-Kang Seo

Volume 17. Chemistry on Modified Oxide and Phosphate Surfaces: Fundamentals and Applications

Published: 20th February 2009 Author: Robson de Farias

Volume 16. The Properties of Water and their Role in Colloidal and Biological Systems

Published: 10th October 2008 Author: Carel van Oss

Volume 15. Macromolecules in Solution and Brownian Relativity

Published: 27th May 2008 Author: Stefano Antonio Mezzasalma

Volume 14. Advanced Chemistry of Monolayers at Interfaces

Published: 20th March 2007 Editor: Toyoko Imae

Volume 13. Sorbent Deformation

Published: 25th September 2006 Author: Andrei Tvardovskiy

Volume 10. Interface Science in Drinking Water Treatment

Published: 6th September 2006 Authors: Gayle Newcombe David Dixon

Volume 12. Theory of Colloid and Interfacial Electric Phenomena

Published: 5th September 2006 Author: Hiroyuki Ohshima

Volume 9. Particles at Interfaces

Published: 4th September 2006 Author: Zbigniew Adamczyk

Volume 11. Surface Complexation Modelling

Published: 2nd September 2006 Editor: Johannes Lutzenkirchen

Volume 8. Tissue Engineering

Published: 22nd June 2006 Author: Yoshito Ikada

Volume 7. Activated Carbon Surfaces in Environmental Remediation

Published: 11th January 2006 Author: Teresa J. Bandosz

Volume 6. Heavy Metals in the Environment: Origin, Interaction and Remediation

Published: 3rd March 2005 Editor: Heike Bradl

Volume 5. Inhaled Particles

Published: 20th January 2005 Author: Chiu-sen Wang

Volume 4. Emulsions: Structure, Stability and Interactions

Published: 14th October 2004 Editor: Dimiter Petsev

Volume 3. Radiotracer Studies of Interfaces

Published: 18th September 2004 Editor: G. Horanyi

Volume 2. Electrokinetics in Microfluidics

Published: 20th August 2004 Author: Dongqing Li

Volume 1. Clay Surfaces

Published: 7th July 2004 Series Volume Editor: Kestur Gundappa Satyanarayana Editor: Fernando Wypych