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Volume 10. Used Battery Collection and Recycling

Published: 8th November 2001 Authors: G. Pistoia J.-P. Wiaux S.P. Wolsky
Chapter headings. Selected papers. Environmental and Human Health Impact Assessments of Battery Systems (H. Morrow). Abstract. Battery raw materials production. Disposal of spent batteries. Cycle life analysis of battery systems. Portable Rechargeable Batteries in Europe: Sales, Uses, Hoarding, Collection and Recycling (J.-P. Wiaux). Batteries in municipal solid waste (MSW). Collection of spent rechargeable batteries. Collection efficiency and recycling rate. Battery Collection and Recycling in Japan (K. Fujimoto). Treatment of spent primary dry cells. Recycling of spent lead-acid batteries. Ni-Cd Battery Collection and Recycling Programs in the U.S.A and Canada (N. England et al.). The environmental issues. The NiCd battery recycling problem. Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ni-Cd Batteries (N. England). The nature and implications of rechargeable Ni-Cd battery distribution. The RBRC Program - Canada and the U.S. Nickel-Cadmium and Nickel-Metal Hybride Battery Treatments (J. David). Treatment of nickel cadmium batteries. 1) Types of process. 2) Specific processes for the treatment of nickel cadmium batteries. Today's battery recycling companies. 1) Europe. 2) U.S.A. 3) Korea. 4) Japan. Primary Battery Recycling in Europe (N. Watson). Battery definition. Battery collection. Battery recycling. Lead-Acid Batteries (A. Pescetelli et al.). The environmental and health impact. Economical aspects. Lead accumulator structure. Recycling the Lithium Battery (D.G. Miller, W. McLaughlin). Environmental concerns of recycling lithium batteries. Lithium battery recycling technologies. The Toxco's background and processing method. Recycling of Electric Vehicle Batteries (R.G. Jungst). General recycling issues, and drivers. Optimized recycling processes for advanced batteries. Recycling prospects for future advanced batteries. Most Common Types of Commercial Batteries. Main Legislation on Battery Waste in the U.S.A And E.U. Subject index.

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