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Volume 24. Broadband Communications, II

Published: 26th September 1994 Editors: S. Tohme A. Casaca
The state-of-the-art of broadband communications - and its evolution - in both the public and private networks, is presented in this book. Particular consideration is given to the issues of switching, resource management, network control, communication services, testing, quality of service, traffic characteristics, traffic control and protocols. Invited papers further explore the fields of multimedia communication and traffic control, plus the introduction of ATM.

Additional volumes

Volume 18. Integrated Broadband Communication Networks and Services

Published: 28th April 1994 Editor: V.B. Iversen

Volume 8. Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, XII

Published: 16th December 1992 Editors: R.J. Linn M.Ü. Uyar

Volume 5. Performance of Distributed Systems and Integrated Communication Networks

Published: 5th June 1992 Editors: T. Hasegawa H. Takagi Y. Takahashi

Volume 2. Formal Description Techniques, IV

Published: 18th March 1992 Editors: K.R. Parker G.A. Rose