Series: IFIP Transactions C: Communication Systems

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Volume . High Performance Networking, V

Published: 7th December 1994 Editors: S. Fdida
New developments in the framework of high-speed networking and computing are presented in this volume. The book focuses on new mechanisms, protocols, services and architectures derived from the need of emerging distributed multimedia applications, as well as from the requirements of the new communication environments. The contributions show that topics of most interest are moving to higher layers and application purposes, although some transmission and interconnection issues are still important.

Additional volumes

Upper Layer Protocols, Architectures and Applications

Published: 8th November 1994 Editors: N. Borenstein M. Medina

Volume 24. Broadband Communications, II

Published: 26th September 1994 Editors: S. Tohme A. Casaca

Information Networks and Data Communication

Published: 22nd August 1994 Editors: P. Veiga D. Khakhar

Formal Description Techniques, VI

Published: 13th July 1994 Editors: P.D. Amer R.L. Tenney M.Ü. Uyar

Volume 18. Integrated Broadband Communication Networks and Services

Published: 28th April 1994 Editors: V.B. Iversen

High Speed Networks and their Performance

Published: 17th February 1994 Editors: Y. Viniotis H.G. Perros

Open Distributed Processing, II

Published: 17th February 1994 Editors: S. Storp J. de Meer B. Mahr

Protocol Test Systems, VI

Published: 23rd December 1993 Editors: O. Rafiq

Advanced Information Processing Techniques for LAN and MAN Management

Published: 3rd November 1993 Editors: J.-P. Claudé

Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, XIII

Published: 17th September 1993 Editors: P. Wolper A. Danthine G. Leduc

Modelling and Performance Evaluation of ATM Technology

Published: 21st July 1993 Editors: H. Perros Y. Takahashi G. Pujolle

High Performance Networking, IV

Published: 8th June 1993 Editors: A. Danthine O. Spaniol

Computer Networks, Architecture and Applications

Published: 5th May 1993 Editors: G. Pujolle S.V. Raghavan G. v. Bochmann

Protocol Test Systems, V

Published: 9th March 1993 Editors: R. Dssouli Apurba Das G. v. Bochmann

Integrated Network Management, III

Published: 9th March 1993 Editors: Y. Yemini H.-G. Hegering

Formal Description Techniques, V

Published: 15th February 1993 Editors: R. Groz M. Diaz

Protocols For High-Speed Networks, III

Published: 3rd February 1993 Editors: P. Gunningberg S. Pink B. Pehrson

Volume 8. Protocol Specification, Testing and Verification, XII

Published: 16th December 1992 Editors: M.Ü. Uyar R.J. Linn

Upper Layer Protocols, Architectures, and Applications

Published: 20th November 1992 Editors: G. Neufeld B. Plattner

Information Network and Data Communication, IV

Published: 26th August 1992 Editors: D. Khakhar M. Tienari

Broadband Communications

Published: 23rd June 1992 Editors: A. Casaca

Volume 5. Performance of Distributed Systems and Integrated Communication Networks

Published: 5th June 1992 Editors: T. Hasegawa Y. Takahashi H. Takagi

Protocol Test Systems, IV

Published: 13th April 1992 Editors: R.J. Heijink E. Brinksma J. Kroon

Open Distributed Processing, I

Published: 1st April 1992 Editors: V. Heymer R. Roth J. de Meer

Volume 2. Formal Description Techniques, IV

Published: 18th March 1992 Editors: K.R. Parker G.A. Rose