Series: IFIP Transactions A: Computer Science and Technology

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Volume . Innovative Adult Learning with Innovative Technologies

Published: 1st August 1995 Editors: B. Collis G. Davies
Innovations in adult learning are a complex mix of pedagogy, technology, organisation, strategy and vision. In this book, 17 cases representing state-of-the-art design and practice from nine different countries are presented, grouped around the themes of I. Innovative Instrumentation. II. Innovations in Learner Collaboration and III. Innovations in Practice.

While all of the cases deal with innovative instrumentation (software or combinations of software and communication technologies), the six cases in section I offer a detailed look at software packages designed for some aspect of the innovation of adult learning, such as reducing information overload by intelligent tools or using a World-Wide Web environment for communication and learning.

In section II, a variety of ways to innovate adult learning through collaborative activities are described, including learning scenarios that make effective use of collaboration and the technology and instrumentation that make collaboration at a distance possible.

Section III describes innovative learning situations that have been successfully integrated into broad scale field settings, each focusing on a particular situation in which innovative technologies play a part.

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University Education Uses of Visualization in Scientific Computing

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Security and Control of Information Technology in Society

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Informatics and Changes in Learning

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Facing the Challenge of Risk and Vulnerability in an Information Society

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Volume 32. Computer Hardware Description Languages and their Applications

Published: 17th September 1993 Editors: D. Agnew L. Claesen R. Camposano


Published: 4th August 1993 Editors: G. Davies B. Samways

Local Area Network Applications: Leveraging the LAN

Published: 2nd August 1993 Editors: D.R. Vogel P.H. Marshall A.A. Verrijn-Stuart B.C. Glasson

Volume 30. Information System Development Process

Published: 2nd August 1993 Editors: N. Prakash C. Rolland B. Pernici

Asynchronous Design Methodologies

Published: 21st July 1993 Editors: S. Furber M.D. Edwards

Knowledge Oriented Software Design

Published: 25th June 1993 Editors: J. Cuena

Decision Support in Public Administration

Published: 5th May 1993 Editors: P.W.G. Bots H.G. Sol R. Traunmüller

Volume 25. Interoperable Database Systems (DS-5)

Published: 22nd April 1993 Editors: D.K. Hsiao E.J. Neuhold R. Sacks-Davis

Human, Organizational and Social Dimensions of Information Systems Development

Published: 20th April 1993 Editors: D. Avison Jason Kendall J.I. DeGross

Synthesis for Control Dominated Circuits

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Automated Reasoning

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Architectures and Compilation Techniques for Fine and Medium Grain Parallelism

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Database Security, VI

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Volume 20. Higher Order Logic Theorem Proving and its Applications

Published: 3rd February 1993 Editors: L.J.M. Claesen M.J.C. Gordon

Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction

Published: 16th December 1992 Editors: J. Larson C. Unger

Electronic Design Automation Frameworks

Published: 23rd October 1992 Editors: T. Rhyne M. Newman

IT Security: The Need for International Cooperation

Published: 22nd October 1992 Editors: G.G. Gable W.J. Caelli

Professional Development of Information Technology Professionals

Published: 22nd October 1992 Editors: A. Goh L. Lim B.Z. Barta

Programming Environments for Parallel Computing

Published: 3rd September 1992 Editors: N. Topham R. Ibbett T. Bemmerl

Volume 9. Decision Support Systems: Experiences and Expectations

Published: 6th July 1992 Editors: T. Jelassi M.R. Klein W.M. Mayon-White

Theorem Provers in Circuit Design

Published: 18th June 1992 Editors: V. Stavridou T.F. Melham R.T. Boute

The Impact of Computer Supported Technologies on Information Systems Development

Published: 2nd June 1992 Editors: K.E. Kendall J.I. DeGross K. Lyytinen

Visual Database Systems, II

Published: 7th May 1992 Editors: E. Knuth L.M. Wegner

Information System Concepts: Improving the Understanding

Published: 15th April 1992 Editors: E.D. Falkenberg El-Sayed Nasr-El-Dein El-Sayed C. Rolland

Database Security, V

Published: 6th April 1992 Editors: S. Jajodia C.E. Landwehr

Programming Environments for High-Level Scientific Problem Solving

Published: 27th March 1992 Editors: P.W. Gaffney E.N. Houstis

Designing Correct Circuits

Published: 13th March 1992 Editors: J. Staunstrup R. Sharp

Managing Information Technology's Organisational Impact, II

Published: 11th March 1992 Editors: R. Clarke J. Cameron


Published: 31st January 1992 Editors: A. Halaas P.B. Denyer