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Volume . Systems Analysis Applications to Complex Programs

Published: 8th May 1978 Editors: K. Cichocki A. Straszak
Surveys the solution of complex problems at national and regional levels and outlines possible future developments

Additional volumes

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 2001

Published: 30th October 2001 Editor: I. Farkas

Expert Systems in Mineral and Metal Processing

Published: 11th August 1992 Editors: A. J. Niemi S.L. Jamsa-Jounela

Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control 1991

Published: 3rd July 1992 Authors: M.G. Rodd G. J. Suski

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 1991

Published: 26th May 1992 Editors: P.J. Fleming D.I. Jones

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1991

Published: 26th May 1992 Editors: H. Kopetz M.G. Rodd

Volume 1. Mathematical and Control Applications in Agriculture and Horticulture

Published: 30th August 1991 Editors: W. Day Yasushi Hashimoto

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1989

Published: 8th August 1990 Editors: L. Motus S. Narita

Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control 1989

Published: 10th July 1990 Editors: Hua-Tian Li Shi-Quan Su M.G. Rodd

Volume 6. Distributed Databases in Real-Time Control

Published: 9th July 1990 Editors: M.G. Rodd E. Knuth

Volume 8. Production Control in the Process Industry

Published: 22nd February 1991 Editors: E. O'shima C. F. H. van Rijn

Control Applications of Nonlinear Programming and Optimization 1989

Published: 19th June 1990 Editors: H.B. Siguerdidjane P. Bernhard

International Conflict Resolution Using System Engineering (SWIIS)

Published: 29th March 1990 Editors: H. Chestnut T. Vamos Peter Kopacek

Robust Adaptive Control

Published: 30th September 1989 Editor: G.C. Goodwin

Real Time Programming 1988

Published: 24th April 1989 Editors: A. Crespo J.A. De La Puente

Volume 82. Model Based Process Control

Published: 30th March 1989 Editors: T.J. McAvoy Y. Arkun E. Zafiriou

Volume 84. Distributed Computer Control Systems 1988

Published: 28th April 1989 Editors: Th. d'Epinay Lalive M.G. Rodd

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1986

Published: 27th November 1987 Editors: K.D. Muller M.G. Rodd

Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing 1986

Published: 26th October 1987 Editors: K.J. Aström B. Wittenmark

Skill Based Automated Manufacturing

Published: 30th July 1987 Editor: P. Brödner

Reliability of Instrumentation Systems for Safeguarding & Control

Published: 29th May 1987 Editors: L. Boullart J.P. Jansen

Contributions of Technology to International Conflict Resolution

Published: 31st March 1987 Editor: H. Chestnut

Real Time Programming 1986

Published: 17th December 1986 Editor: J. Szlanko

Safety of Computer Control Systems 1986 (Safecomp '86) Trends in Safe Real Time Computer Systems

Published: 13th October 1986 Editor: W. J. Quirk

Adaptive Control of Chemical Processes 1985

Published: 12th September 1986 Editor: H. Unbehauen

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1985

Published: 24th July 1986 Editor: G. J. Suski

Model Error Concepts & Compensation

Published: 30th June 1986 Editors: R.E. Skelton D.H. Owens

Real Time Programming 1985

Published: 30th June 1986 Editors: G.M. Bull T.J. Williams

Multilingual Glossary of Automatic Control Technology

Published: 1st November 1981 Editors: D. T. Broadbent M. Masubuchi

Multivariable Technological Systems

Published: 12th June 1978 Editor: D.P. Atherton