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Volume . Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture 2001

Published: 30th October 2001 Editor: I. Farkas
Chapter headings. Fundamentals, Decision Tools. Pseudo-derivative feedback based identification of unstable processes with application to a bioreactor (K.G. Arvanitis et al.). Developing strategic expert system using multiple design approach (S.A. Edrees et al.). The function of the Geographic Information System (GIS) in precision farming (Zs. Pecze et al.). Discrete event simulation as a performance analysis tool in agricultural logistics system (D. Nilsson). The evaluation and impact of NEPER wheat expert system (A. Rafea, M. Mahmoud). Neural Networks. A method for deciding the number of hidden neurons of the feedforward neural networks (H. Yuan et al.). Neural network based fault detection in Hydroponics (K.P. Ferentinos et al.). Neural networks for influence analysis on the quality of potatoes (S. Richter et al.). Neural network modelling for predicting rainfall level (K.R. Ku-Mahamud et al.). Neural network modelling of solar collectors (I. Farkas et al.). Color and shape analysis by neural network (A. Szepes). Quality And Measurements. Fluorescence based quality sorting of apples using self-organizing maps (D. Moshou et al.). Development of an automatic rice-quality inspection system (S. Kawamura et al.). Computer aided moisture measurements during fruit drying processes (I. Seres et al.). Fuzzy Modelling And Control. Improved climate control for potato stores by using fuzzy controllers (K. Gottschalk et al.). An algorithm of characteristic expansion for fuzzy reasoning based on Triple I method (F. Xiong et al.). Applying the fuzzy multi-attribute decision model in plant breeding programs (M. Calin, C. Leonte). Modelling And Control. Greenhouse climate control for integrated pest management (H.-J. Tantau, D. Lange). A non-linear feedback technique for greenhouse environmental control (G.D. Pasgianos et al.). Modelling of the temperature under greenhouse by multi-model approach (E. Feki et al.). Optimal control of nitrate in lettuce by gradient and differential evolution algorithms (I.L. Lopez Cruz et al.). Author Index.

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