Series: IFAC Postprint Volume

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Most recent volume

Volume . Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Management

Published: 1st June 1997 Editors: P. Ein-Dor M. Ben Bassat

Additional volumes

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1995

Published: 21st December 1995 Editors: T.B. Sheridan

Nonlinear Control Systems Design 1995

Published: 21st December 1995 Editors: A.J. Krener D.Q. Mayne

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1995

Published: 19th December 1995 Editors: A.E.K. Sahraoui J.A. de la Puente

Large Scale Systems: Theory and Applications 1995

Published: 30th November 1995 Editors: J.E. Ellis P.D. Roberts

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 1995

Published: 10th November 1995 Editors: P.J. Fleming L. Boullart

Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing 1995

Published: 18th October 1995 Editors: Cs. Banyasz

Dynamics and Control of Chemical Reactors, Distillation Columns and Batch Processes (DYCORD'95)

Published: 6th October 1995 Editors: J.B. Rawlings

Control Applications in Post-Harvest and Processing Technology 1995

Published: 12th September 1995 Editors: J. De Baerdemaeker J. Vandewalle

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 1995

Published: 5th September 1995 Editors: K. Koskinen Aarne Halme

Computer Applications in Biotechnology

Published: 5th September 1995 Editors: A. Munack K. Schönert

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Published: 22nd August 1995 Editors: A.J. Udink ten Cate R. Martin-Clouaire A.A. Dijkhuizen C. Lokhorst

Advances in Automotive Control 1995

Published: 16th June 1995 Editors: L. Guzzella U. Kiencke

Transportation Systems: Theory and Application of Advanced Technology

Published: 26th May 1995 Editors: B. Liu J.M. Blosseville

Integrated Systems Engineering

Published: 17th May 1995 Editors: G. Johannsen

Safety, Reliability and Applications of Emerging Intelligent Control Technologies

Published: 15th May 1995 Editors: T.S. Ng Y.S. Hung

System Identification 1994 (SYSID'94), 3-Volume Set

Published: 4th May 1995 Editors: T. Söderström M. Blanke

Automatic Control in Aerospace 1994 (Aerospace Control '94)

Published: 17th March 1995 Editors: D. Schaechter K.R. Lorell

Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control 1994

Published: 23rd February 1995 Editors: A. Crespo

Robot Control 1994, 2-Volume Set

Published: 20th February 1995 Editors: L. Sciavicco C. Bonivento S. Nicolò

New Trends in Design of Control Systems 1994

Published: 27th January 1995 Editors: J. Mikles M. Huba

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1994

Published: 20th January 1995 Editors: J.A. De La Puente M.G. Rodd

Advances in Control Education 1994

Published: 17th January 1995 Editors: A. Ichikawa K. Furuta

Computer Software Structures Integrating AI/KBS Systems in Process Control

Published: 21st December 1994 Editors: K.-E. Arzen

Advanced Control of Chemical Processes 1994

Published: 9th December 1994 Editors: D. Bonvin

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 1994

Published: 9th December 1994 Editors: Peter Kopacek

Integration of Process Design and Control

Published: 20th October 1994 Editors: E. Zafiriou

Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety for Technical Processes 1994, 2-Volume Set

Published: 18th October 1994 Editors: T. Ruokonen

Real Time Programming 1994

Published: 5th October 1994 Editors: W.A. Halang

Intelligent Components and Instruments for Control Applications 1994

Published: 9th September 1994 Editors: Cs. Banyasz

Modeling and Control in Biomedical Systems

Published: 29th June 1994 Editors: B.W. Patterson

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles

Published: 6th September 1993 Editors: D. Charnley

A Cost Effective Use of Computer Aided Technologies and Integration Methods in Small and Medium Sized Companies

Published: 1st September 1993 Editors: Peter Kopacek

Modelling and Control of National Economies 1992

Published: 1st September 1993 Editors: Tu Xuyan

CIM in Process and Manufacturing Industries

Published: 26th August 1993 Editors: K. Leiviskä

Motion Control for Intelligent Automation

Published: 22nd April 1993 Editors: A. De Carli E. Masada

Expert Systems in Agriculture

Published: 12th February 1993 Editors: Xiong

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 1992

Published: 11th January 1993 Editors: P.J. Fleming W.H. Kwon

Interactions Between Process Design and Process Control

Published: 24th November 1992 Editors: J.D. Perkins

Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Published: 23rd November 1992 Editors: R.P. Judd N.A. Kheir

System Structure and Control 1992

Published: 23rd November 1992 Editors: V. Strejc

Real-Time Programming 1992

Published: 23rd November 1992 Editors: J.A. De La Puente L. Boullart