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Volume . Nonlinear Control Systems Design 1995

Published: 21st December 1995 Editors: A.J. Krener D.Q. Mayne
The series of IFAC Symposia on Nonlinear Control Systems provides the ideal forum for leading researchers and practitioners who work in the field to discuss and evaluate the latest research and developments. This publication contains the papers presented at the 3rd IFAC Symposium in the series which was held in Tahoe City, California, USA.

Additional volumes

Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Man-Machine Systems 1995

Published: 21st December 1995 Editor: T.B. Sheridan

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1995

Published: 19th December 1995 Editors: A.E.K. Sahraoui J.A. de la Puente

Adaptive Systems in Control and Signal Processing 1995

Published: 18th October 1995 Editor: Cs. Banyasz

Dynamics and Control of Chemical Reactors, Distillation Columns and Batch Processes (DYCORD'95)

Published: 6th October 1995 Editor: J.B. Rawlings

Control Applications in Post-Harvest and Processing Technology 1995

Published: 12th September 1995 Editors: J. De Baerdemaeker J. Vandewalle

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles 1995

Published: 5th September 1995 Editors: K. Koskinen Aarne Halme

Computer Applications in Biotechnology

Published: 5th September 1995 Editors: A. Munack K. Schönert

Advances in Automotive Control 1995

Published: 16th June 1995 Editors: L. Guzzella U. Kiencke

Integrated Systems Engineering

Published: 17th May 1995 Author: G. Johannsen

Safety, Reliability and Applications of Emerging Intelligent Control Technologies

Published: 15th May 1995 Editors: T.S. Ng Y.S. Hung

Automatic Control in Aerospace 1994 (Aerospace Control '94)

Published: 17th March 1995 Authors: D. Schaechter K.R. Lorell

Artificial Intelligence in Real-Time Control 1994

Published: 23rd February 1995 Editor: A. Crespo

New Trends in Design of Control Systems 1994

Published: 27th January 1995 Editors: J. Mikles M. Huba

Distributed Computer Control Systems 1994

Published: 20th January 1995 Editors: J.A. De La Puente M.G. Rodd

Advances in Control Education 1994

Published: 17th January 1995 Editors: A. Ichikawa K. Furuta

Computer Software Structures Integrating AI/KBS Systems in Process Control

Published: 21st December 1994 Author: K.-E. Arzen

Advanced Control of Chemical Processes 1994

Published: 9th December 1994 Editor: D. Bonvin

Integration of Process Design and Control

Published: 20th October 1994 Editor: E. Zafiriou

Intelligent Components and Instruments for Control Applications 1994

Published: 9th September 1994 Editor: Cs. Banyasz

A Cost Effective Use of Computer Aided Technologies and Integration Methods in Small and Medium Sized Companies

Published: 1st September 1993 Author: Peter Kopacek

Motion Control for Intelligent Automation

Published: 22nd April 1993 Authors: A. De Carli E. Masada

Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control 1992

Published: 11th January 1993 Editors: P.J. Fleming W.H. Kwon

Interactions Between Process Design and Process Control

Published: 24th November 1992 Editor: J.D. Perkins

System Structure and Control 1992

Published: 23rd November 1992 Editor: V. Strejc

Real-Time Programming 1992

Published: 23rd November 1992 Editors: J.A. De La Puente L. Boullart