Series: Handbook of Sensors and Actuators

Most recent volume

Volume . Sensors for Robots

Published: 30th November 2020 Editors: Regtien

Additional volumes

Force Transducers

Published: 1st May 2010 Editors: Dan-Mihai Stefanescu

Volume 8. Micro Mechanical Transducers

Published: 16th October 2000 Editors: Min-hang Bao S. Middelhoek

Volume 7. Measuring Current, Voltage and Power

Published: 1st June 1999 Editors: K. Iwansson G. Sinapius W. Hoornaert S. Middelhoek

Volume 6. Micro Mechanical Systems

Published: 24th July 1998 Editors: T. Fukuda Wolfgang Menz

Volume 5. Mercury Cadmium Telluride Imagers

Published: 18th June 1997 Editors: A.C. Onshage

Volume 4. Semiconductor Sensors in Physico-Chemical Studies

Published: 29th May 1996 Editors: L.Yu Kupriyanov

Volume 3. Intelligent Sensors

Published: 22nd April 1996 Editors: H. Yamasaki

Volume 2. Solid State Magnetic Sensors

Published: 26th September 1994 Editors: C.S. Roumenin

Volume 1. Thick Film Sensors

Published: 26th August 1994 Editors: Maria Prudenziati