Series: Handbook of Hypertension

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Hypertension

Most recent volume

Volume 25. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Hypertension

Published: 24th April 2008 Editors: Gordan McInnes

Additional volumes

Volume 24. Genetics of Hypertension

Published: 3rd January 2007 Editors: Anna Dominiczak John Connell

Volume 23. Arterial Stiffness in Hypertension

Published: 21st March 2006 Editors: Michel Safar Michael O'Rourke

Volume 22. Hypertension in the Twentieth Century: Concepts and Achievements

Published: 18th May 2004 Editors: W. Birkenhager J. Ian Robertson A. Zanchetti

Volume 21. Hypertension in Pregnancy

Published: 8th June 2000 Editors: Peter Rubin

Volume 20. Epidemiology of Hypertension

Published: 6th June 2000 Editors: C. J. Bulpitt

Volume 19. Development of the Hypertensive Phenotype

Published: 5th February 1999 Editors: R. McCarty D. A. Blizard R. L. Chevalier

Volume 18. Assessment of Hypertensive Organ damage

Published: 14th March 1997 Editors: L. Hansson W. Birkenhager

Volume 17. Pathophysiogy of Hypertension

Published: 3rd December 1996 Editors: A. Zanchetti Giuseppe Mancia

Volume 16. Experimental and genetic Models of Hypertension

Published: 24th November 1994 Editors: D. Ganten W. de Jong

Volume 15. Clinical Hypertension

Published: 9th December 1992 Editors: J. Ian Robertson

Volume 14. Blood Pressure Measurement

Published: 29th November 1991 Editors: E. O'Brien K. O'Malley

Volume 13. The Management of Hypertension

Published: 15th June 1990 Editors: F. R. Buhler John Laragh