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Volume 4. Neuro-informatics and Neural Modelling

Published: 26th June 2001 Editors: F. Moss S. Gielen
General Preface. Preface to volume 4. Contents of volume 4. Contributors to volume 4.

Part A: Biological physics of neurons and neural networks. Stochastic resonance, noise and information in biophysical systems. Electrical stimulation of the somatosensory system I (K.A. Richardson, J.J. Collins). Phase synchronization: from periodic to choatic and noisy (L. Schimansky-Geier, V.S. Anishchenko, A.Neiman). Fluctuations in neural systems: from subcellular to network levels (P. Århem, H. Liljenström). Chaos and the detection of unstable periodic orbits in biological systems. Controlling cardiac arrhythmias: the relevance of nonlinear dynamics (D.J. Christini, K. Hall, J.J. Collins, L. Glass). Controlling the dynamics of cardiac muscle using small electrical stimuli (D.J. Gauthier, S. Bahar, G.M. Hall). Synchronization. Intrinsic noise from voltage-gated ion channels: effects on dynamics and reliability in intrinsically oscillatory neurons (J.A. White, J.S. Haas). Phase synchronization: from theory to data analysis (M. Rosenblum, A. Pikovsky, et al.). Self organized critically in biophysical applications. Statistical analysis and modeling of calcium waves in healthy and pathological astrocyte syncytia (P. Jung, A.H. Cornell-Bell, et al.)

Part B: Statistical and nonlinear dynamics in neuroscience. Biophysical models for biological neurons. Neurones as physical objects: structure, dynamics and function (H.J. Kappen). Statistical mechanics of recurrent neural networks I - statistics (A.C.C. Coolen). Statistical mechanics of recurrent neural networks II - dynamics (A.C.C. Coolen). Topologically ordered neural networks (J.A. Flanagan). Learning in neural networks Geometry of neural networks: natural gradient for learning (K. Fukumizu). Theory of synaptic plasticity (J.L. van Hemmen). Information coding neural networks Information coding in higher sensory and memory areas (A. Treves). Population coding: efficiency and interpretation of neuronal activity (C.C.A.M. Gielen). Mechanisms of synchrony of neural activity in large networks (D. Golomb, D. Hansel, G. Mato). Self-organisation in cortex Emergence of feature selectivity from lateral interactions in the visual cortex (U.Ernst, K. Pawelzik, M. Tsodyks). Information transfer between sensory and motor networks (M. Lappe). Epilogue to volume 4. Author index. Subject index.

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