Series: Handai Nanophotonics

Nanphotonics is a new and exciting research field. The Handai Nanophotonics Series presents evolving and promising research in the areas of photochemistry, optics, material science and bioscience. The chosen editors/authors are distinguished contributors to the specialized fields encompassed by this new series which has broad appeal for researchers, students, scientists and practitioners in chemistry, biology, and materials science to name but a few!
Book Series: Nano Biophotonics

Most recent volume

Volume 3. Nano Biophotonics

Published: 16th February 2007 Editors: Hiroshi Masuhara Satoshi Kawata Fumio Tokunaga
Part I: Nano Bio Spectroscopy Chapter 1: Single molecule nano-bioscience: Fluctuations and adaptive biological molecular machines (T. Yanagida et al.).
Chapter 2: Alternating laser excitation spectroscopy of freely diffusing single molecule: Applications to bimolecular structure, dynamics and interactions (E. Nir et al.).
Chapter 3: Linear and non-linear Raman microspectroscopy and imaging of single living cells; Visualization of life and death at the cellular level (H. Kano et al.).
Chapter 4: Raman, CARS and near-field Raman-CARS microscopy for cellular and molecular imaging (P. Verma et al.).
Chapter 5: Enhanced photothermal spectroscopy for observing chemical reactions in biological cells (A. Harata).
Chapter 6: Probing conformational dynamics in biopolymers by contact-induced fluorescence quenching (S. Doose et al.).
Chapter 7: Second harmonic generation imaging microscopy of fibrillar structures (S. Plotnikov et al.). Part II: Nano Bio Dynamics Chapter 8: Imaging of enzyme catalysis by wide field microscopy (S. Rocha).
Chapter 9: Interferometric detection and tracking of nanoparticles (V. Jacobsen et al.).
Chapter 10: Interaction between metal-free porphine and surface Ag atoms through temporal fluctuation of surface-enhanced resonance Raman scattering and background-light emission (T. Itoh et al.).
Chapter 11: General importance of anomalous diffusion in biological inhomogeneous systems (K. Ushida, A. Masuda).
Chapter 12: Two-color picosecond time-resolved infrared super-resolution microscopy (M. Sakai et al.).
Chapter 13: Molecular motion under the trapping potential of optical tweezers (S. Ito et al.).
Chapter 14: Nanoscale fluid motion via molecular pores and polymer actuators (M.B. Cannell). Part III: Nano Bio Processing Chapter 15: Femtosecond nonlinear processing in solution: From crystallization to manipulation and patterning (H. Masuhara et al.).
Chapter 16: Single living cell processing in water medium using focused femtosecond laser-induced shockwave and cavitation bubble (Y. Hosokawa et al.).
Chapter 17: Subcellular effects of femtosecond laser irradiation (N. Smith et al.).
Chapter 18: Femtosecond laser nanosurgery of biological cells and tissues (A. Vogel et al.).
Chapter 19: Femtosecond laser nanomachining of silicon wafers and two-photon nanolithography for stem cell research (K. König et al.).
Chapter 20: Gold nanorods: application to bioscience and medicine (Y. Niidome, T. Niidome). Part IV: Nano Bio Devices Chapter 21: Protein modules: Functional proteins incorporated in viral polyhedra (N. Hamada et al.).
Chapter 22: Immobilization of protein molecules into insect viral occlusion body and its application (H. Mori et al.).
Chapter 23: All-optical switching in rhodopsin proteins (S. Roy).
Chapter 24: A photoisomerization study on photoactive yellow protein model chromophores from solution to crystalline phases (A. Usman et al.).
Chapter 25: Defect mode and laser action in cholesteric liquid crystal (M. Ozaki et al.).
Chapter 26: Integrated photonic devices using semiconductor quantum-well structures (T. Suhara, M. Uemukai).
Chapter 27: Process control and new developments in crystal growth from solution: oxide, organic, protein and nitride (Y. Mori et al.).

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Nanoplasmonics

Published: 6th February 2006 Editors: Hiroshi Masuhara Satoshi Kawata

Volume 1. Nanophotonics: Integrating Photochemistry, Optics and Nano/Bio Materials Studies

Published: 9th October 2004 Editors: Hiroshi Masuhara Satoshi Kawata