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Volume . Gowned and Gloved Surgery: Introduction to Common Procedures

Published: 23rd December 2008 Authors: Robert Roses Emily Paulson Suhail Kanchwala Jon Morris Series Editors: Neil Sheth Jess Lonner
Performing well and learning effectively during your clinical rotations in general surgery are challenges you face everyday. They are equally important in caring for patients and earning the grade. Time constraints and last minute assignments in the OR make reading the necessary material difficult and can jeopardize your evaluation by senior residents and attendings on your rotation. This title in the Gowned and Gloved series provides a concise review of the most common surgical procedures and relevant surgical anatomy to help you shine in the OR without getting bogged down in theory and extraneous information typical of more expansive text books. It provides the edge you need in the OR, delivering not only the information necessary to do well during your rotation, but also a plan on how to maximize your time, make the best impression, and ace your rotation.

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Gowned and Gloved Orthopaedics: Introduction to Common Procedures

Published: 4th September 2008 Authors: Neil Sheth Jess Lonner