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Volume 5. Tunnelling in Weak Rocks

Published: 26th June 2006 Authors: Bhawani Singh R Goel

Vast knowledge has been developed in the area of tunnelling in weak rocks over the years, and this book bridges an important gap by bringing all the information together for the benefit of the tunnelling Industry. In particular, tunnelling in poor conditions is a huge challenge for engineers and designers, and this book tackles all typical problems headon.

Topics covered include classification approach, design approaches for site-specific grounds, a new invention on shielded tunnel boring machine, case histories, tunnel mechanics, risk engineering and management culture.

Additional volumes

Volume 4. Engineering Properties of Rocks

Published: 30th November 2005 Author: Lianyang Zhang

Volume 2. Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Geo-systems

Published: 3rd November 2004 Authors: Ove Stephansson John Hudson Lanru Jing

Volume 1. Stability Analysis and Modelling of Underground Excavations in Fractured Rocks

Published: 18th December 2003 Authors: Jian Zhao Weishen Zhu