Series: Fundamentals of Medical Cell Biology. A Multi-Volume Work

This series is more than a general introduction to the study of medical cell biology. For it aims not only to show that cell biology is a dynamic and organic whole, but also to bring out and give due place to numerous new concepts that have thus far arisen in the field of molecular biology. Although cell biology as we know it today is still in this infancy, it appears to be steadily becoming the centerpiece of modern medicine.

Most recent volume

Volume 8. Cumulative Index

Published: 23rd December 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar
The Cumulative Index is designed to assist the reader in quickly finding current and comprehensive information related to medical cell biology, an integrative discipline which encompasses evolutionary biology, structural biology, cell chemistry and physiology, developmental biology, and cell ageing.
The volume is divided into an Author Index and a Subject Index. Thus, a reader familiar with or interested in the work of a certain researcher can have ready access to his or her current contributions in the field. Additionally, the reader can refer to the over 6,000 entries in the Subject Index to cross-reference information as it is related to any volume in the series, or simply to find research areas of particular interest.
Overall, the Cumulative Index permits the entering medical student and those actively engaged in cell biology research to make maximum use of the approximate 3,100 pages, numerous photographs and illustrations, tabuled data, and references that comprise Fundamentals of Medical Cell Biology.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Developmental Biology

Published: 1st February 1993 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 6. Neurobiology, Thermobiology, and Cytobiology

Published: 11th January 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 5B. Metabolic Pumps and Intracellular Homeostasis, Hormones and Cell Function, Intercellular Communication, Cell Motility and Contractility, Part B

Published: 8th January 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 4. Membranology and Subcellular Organelles

Published: 1st September 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Membrane Dynamics and Signaling, Part A

Published: 1st August 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 3B. Chemistry of the Living Cell, Part B

Published: 1st May 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 3A. Chemistry of the Living Cell, Part A

Published: 1st May 1992 Editors: Edward Bittar

Structural Biology

Published: 1st November 1991 Editors: Edward Bittar

Volume 1. Evolutionary Biology

Published: 1st October 1991 Editors: Edward Bittar