Series: Fundamental Aspects of Pollution Control and Environmental Science

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Volume . Air Pollution Control Technology

Published: 1st March 1987 Editors: B. Bretschneider J. Kurf├╝rst
This volume deals with the formation of industrial emissions and the technical methods and measures to limit them. The physical, chemical and physico-chemical characteristics of pollutants in the atmosphere and physical and chemical changes occurring in these substances after emission are discussed in great detail. The principal industrial sources of atmospheric pollution and the technological conditions for the formation of solid and gaseous substances in emissions are defined. Technical principles, basic processes and apparatus employed to limit and eliminate solid and gaseous pollutants are described, along with production technology which can bring about a considerable decrease in atmospheric pollutants. In a broader sense, the book provides information on the harmful properties of substances contained in emissions from industrial sources and their effect on the population of fauna and flora, soil, structures and materials. There is also an economic evaluation of atmospheric pollution and the resultant harmful effects. The book is written primarily for workers in the field of environmental protection, either professionals or concerned individuals. Its scope, depth and approach indicate the seriousness of the individual problems encountered in keeping the atmosphere free of pollution, and offer a view of the complex technical capabilities for a solution to this very serious problem.

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Trace-Element Contamination of the Environment

Published: 1st July 1985 Editors: D. Purves