Series: Frontiers of Nanoscience

This series covers frontier research topics across the broad spectrum of the flourishing and interdisciplinary field of Nanoscale Science and Technology. The books are written at a level accessible to post graduate students (PhD and Masters) and final year undergraduates as well as experienced readers seeking to enter or master aspects of the field. Focusing on both the basic science and applications of nanostructures and nanosystems, each book is edited by one or more Volume Editors commissioned by the Series Editor. A key feature of each book in the Series is the tutorial introduction to the topic by the Volume Editors. Topics covered range from nanoscale physics through nanoscale chemistry, nanomaterials, nanoabrication and nanoengineering to nanomanufacturing, nanobiotechnology and nanoenvironmental research.

About the Series Editors:

Prof. Richard E Palmer is Senior Research Fellow, College of Engineering, Swansea University, UK

Prof. Roy Johnston is Professor of Computational Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, UK

Book Series: Self-Assembly of Nano- and Micro-structured Materials using Colloidal Engineering

Most recent volume

Volume 12. Self-Assembly of Nano- and Micro-structured Materials using Colloidal Engineering

Published: 1st September 2018 Editors: Dwaipayan Chakrabarti Stefano Sacanna

Colloidal self-assembly has the potential to revolutionize the way we engineer and develop novel materials. Thanks to a paradigm shift in recent years, colloidal building blocks with increasingly complex shapes and functionalities, are opening up new avenues in bottom-up material design. Self-Assembly of Nano- and Micro-structured Materials using Colloidal Engineering cover the recent breakthroughs in the design and manufacture of functional colloids at the micro- and nanoscale level, and analyses how these functionalities can be exploited to develop self-assembly pathways towards nano- and micro-structured materials. As we are seeking increasingly complex functions for colloidal superstructures, in silico design has a critical role to play to

guide experimental fabrication by reducing the element of trial-and-error that would be involved otherwise in the synthetic routes.

Self-Assembly of Nano- and Micro-structured Materials using Colloidal Engineering captures the state of the art of micro- and nanoscale colloid engineering, which has added a new dimension to the field of colloid science and will specifically provide insight into how anisotropic colloidal interactions are rationally engineered through the use of shapes and surface chemistry, and exploited to fabricate colloidal superstructures via self-assembly. In addition to novel experimental approaches, recent developments in computational modelling will be presented to offer a broader vision

of the full arsenal of designing tools that are available to the modern materials scientist.

Additional volumes

Volume 11. Materials and Processes for Next Generation Lithography

Published: 18th November 2016 Series Volume Editors: Alex Robinson Richard Lawson

Volume 10. Structure and Properties of Nanoalloys

Published: 5th August 2016 Author: Riccardo Ferrando

Volume 9. Protected Metal Clusters: From Fundamentals to Applications

Published: 1st September 2015 Series Volume Editors: Tatsuya Tsukuda Hannu Häkkinen

Volume 8. Characterization of Nanomaterials in Complex Environmental and Biological Media

Published: 29th May 2015 Series Volume Editors: Mohammed Baalousha Jamie Lead

Volume 7. Nanoscience and the Environment

Published: 28th July 2014 Series Volume Editors: Jamie Lead Eugenia Valsami-Jones

Volume 6. Nanomagnetism: Fundamentals and Applications

Published: 6th June 2014 Series Volume Editor: Chris Binns

Volume 5. Nanomedicine

Published: 1st October 2013 Series Volume Editor: Huw Summers

Volume 4. Nanobiotechnology

Published: 28th June 2012 Series Volume Editors: Jesus M. de la Fuente V. Grazu

Volume 3. Metal Nanoparticles and Nanoalloys

Published: 29th March 2012 Series Volume Editors: Roy Johnston Jess Wilcoxon

Volume 2. Atomic and Molecular Manipulation

Published: 28th July 2011 Series Volume Editors: Andrew Mayne Gérald Dujardin

Volume 1. Nanostructured Materials

Published: 5th December 2008 Editor: Gerhard Wilde