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Published: 23rd October 1996 Editors: Michael Brunner M. Hasan P. Neville Robinson Hugh Williams
Most candidates have enough factual knowledge but are often unaware of the required examination standard. This text clarifies, enlarges and expands the syllabus and includes not only the basics of physics, measurement and chemical anaesthesia, but also anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and statistics.

The scope of examination is presented in 180 relevant standard MCQs. Two practice examinations are given, one as a complete trial examination and the other as questions relating to the individual components of the syllabus together with answers and explanations. Mock questions, model answers and advice are given in this important sphere. The OSCEs will be new to the candidates and explanations of how they are presented and examination style questions, answers and explanations are provided.

* Syllabus explained and discussed in an accessible manner
* Precise guidance on OSCEs and vivas
* Examples of MCQs with answers set at examination standard
* Complements information found in standard textbooks

Passing the primary examination will be a source of great satisfaction to an anaesthetic trainee. This delightful companion is a necessity for anyone wishing to pass the primary examination and is designed to help the candidates maximise their knowledge.
A delightful companion filled with encouragement and reassurance for postgraduates studying for the FRCA.

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