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Volume 1. Handbook of Knowledge Representation

Published: 18th December 2007 Editors: Frank van Harmelen Vladimir Lifschitz Bruce Porter
Knowledge Representation, which lies at the core of Artificial Intelligence, is concerned with encoding knowledge on computers to enable systems to reason automatically. The Handbook of Knowledge Representation is an up-to-date review of twenty-five key topics in knowledge representation, written by the leaders of each field. This book is an essential resource for students, researchers and practitioners in all areas of Artificial Intelligence.

Additional volumes

Handbook of Constraint Programming

Published: 18th August 2006 Editors: Francesca Rossi Peter van Beek Toby Walsh

Volume 1. Handbook of Temporal Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence

Published: 1st March 2005 Editors: Michael Fisher Dov M. Gabbay Lluis Vila