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Volume . The Teaching Files: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Published: 12th December 2050 Author: Jiri Sonek

Additional volumes

Pediatric Neuroimaging

Published: 1st March 2020 Authors: Charles Raybaud Thomas Naidich Mauricio Castillo James Smirniotopoulos Soonmee Cha

Obstetric Imaging: Fetal Diagnosis and Care

Published: 13th September 2017 Author: Joshua Copel

Abdominal Imaging

Published: 23rd August 2016 Authors: Dushyant Sahani Anthony Samir

Musculoskeletal Imaging

Published: 21st October 2014 Authors: Thomas Pope Hans Bloem Javier Beltran William Morrison David John Wilson

Image-Guided Interventions

Published: 28th August 2013 Authors: Matthew Mauro Kieran Murphy Kenneth Thomson Anthony Venbrux Robert Morgan

Imaging of the Brain

Published: 31st October 2012 Authors: Thomas Naidich Mauricio Castillo Soonmee Cha James Smirniotopoulos

Gynecologic Imaging

Published: 11th May 2011 Authors: Julia Fielding Douglas Brown Amy Thurmond

Breast Imaging

Published: 23rd November 2010 Authors: Lawrence Bassett Mary Mahoney Sophia Apple Carl D'Orsi

Cardiovascular Imaging, 2-Volume Set

Published: 9th November 2010 Authors: Vincent Ho Gautham Reddy

Imaging of the Spine

Published: 27th August 2010 Authors: Thomas Naidich Mauricio Castillo Soonmee Cha Charles Raybaud James Smirniotopoulos Spyros Kollias

Imaging of the Chest, 2-Volume Set

Published: 28th March 2008 Authors: Nestor Muller C. Silva