Most recent volume

Volume 33. Application of Fracture Mechanics to Polymers, Adhesives and Composites

Published: 4th December 2003 Editor: D Moore

Additional volumes

Volume 32. Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives II

Published: 26th November 2003 Editors: J Williams A Pavan Bamber Blackman

Volume 31. Biaxial/Multiaxial Fatigue and Fracture

Published: 19th March 2003 Editors: Andrea Carpinteri Manuel De Freitas Andrea Spagnoli

Volume 30. From Charpy to Present Impact Testing

Published: 18th June 2002 Authors: D. Francois A. Pineau

Volume 29. Temperature-Fatigue Interaction

Published: 11th March 2002 Authors: L. Remy J. Petit

Volume 28. Fracture Mechanics Testing Methods for Polymers, Adhesives and Composites

Published: 9th March 2001 Authors: D.R. Moore J.G. Williams A Pavan

Volume 27. Fracture of Polymers, Composites and Adhesives

Published: 10th October 2000 Authors: A Pavan J.G. Williams

Volume 26. Fracture Mechanics: Applications and Challenges

Published: 13th September 2000 Authors: M. Fuentes M. Elices A. Martín-Meizoso J.-M. Martínez-Esnaola

Volume 25. Multiaxial Fatigue & Fracture

Published: 6th September 1999 Authors: E. Macha W. Bedkowski T. Lagoda

Volume 24. Minimum Reinforcement in Concrete Members

Published: 22nd April 1999 Author: A. Carpinteri

Volume 23. Fatigue Design and Reliability

Published: 19th February 1999 Authors: G. Marquis J. Solin

Volume 22. Fatigue Design of Components

Published: 10th December 1997 Editors: G. Marquis J. Solin