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Volume 89. Materials and Processes for Submicron Technologies

Published: 3rd November 1999 Editors: J.M. Martinez-Duart R. Madar R.A. Levy
The European Materials Society decided to hold a Symposium entitled Materials and Processes for Submicron Technologies in June 16-19, 1998, within the yearly E-MRS Spring Meeting in Strasbourg, France.
The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the results of the advances in microelectronic devices directly relating to the reduction in size of features of the devices down to submicron size. When electronic materials are patterned to these small sizes, their physico-chemical properties show many aspects (interdiffusion, electromigration, etc.), many of these not well known yet. The articles presented in this volume, 28 in number, are representative of the 40 papers accepted for this particular E-MRS Meeting (Symposium N).

Additional volumes

Volume 81. Techniques and Challenges for 300 mm Silicon: Processing, Characterization, Modelling and Equipment

Published: 8th September 1999 Editors: H. Richter P. Wagner G. Ritter

Volume 86. Carbon-Based Materials for Micoelectronics

Published: 8th September 1999 Editors: J. Robertson J. Fink E. Kohn

Volume 83. Materials Aspects in Microsystem Technologies

Published: 13th August 1999 Editors: D. Barbier J.R. Morante P. Temple-Boyer G. Mueller W. Lang

Volume 87. Nitrides and Related Wide Band Gap Materials

Published: 11th August 1999 Authors: A. Hangleiter J.-Y. Duboz K. Kishino F.A. Ponce

Volume 88. Molecular Photonics for Optical Telecommunications: Materials, Physics and Device Technology

Published: 11th August 1999 Editors: F. Garnier J. Zyss

Volume 84. Rapid Thermal Processing

Published: 17th March 1999 Editors: A. Slaoui T. Theiler J.C. Muller R.K. Singh

Volume 80. Thin Film Materials for Large Area Electronics

Published: 17th March 1999 Authors: B. Equer B. Drevillon I. French T. Kallfass

Volume 85. Ion Implantation into Semiconductors, Oxides and Ceramics

Published: 1st March 1999 Editors: B.G. Svensson H.A. Atwater J.K.N. Lindner P.L.F. Hemment

Volume 72. Biomaterials and Biodegradable Polymers and Macromolecules: Current Research and Industrial Applications

Published: 2nd December 1998 Authors: F. Burny A. Steinbûchel

Volume 68. Fullerenes and Carbon Based Materials

Published: 10th November 1998 Authors: P. Delhaes H. Kuzmany

Volume 71. Light-Weight Materials for Transportation and Batteries and Fuel Cells for Electric Vehicles

Published: 26th August 1998 Authors: R. Ciach A. Moretti H. Wallentowitz M. Wakihara T. Hartkopf J.G. Wurm

Volume 74. III-V Nitrides Semiconductors and Ceramics: from Material Growth to Device Applications

Published: 22nd July 1998 Author: B.K. Meyer

Volume 70. Computational Modeling of Issues in Materials Science

Published: 22nd July 1998 Authors: H. Dreyssé Y. Kawazoe L.T. Wille C. Demangeat

Volume 66. Advanced Materials for Interconnections

Published: 18th December 1997 Author: Th. Gessner

Volume 61. Group IV Heterostructures, Physics and Devices (Si, Ge, C, Sn)

Published: 18th December 1997 Authors: J.-M. Lourtioz G. Abstreiter B. Meyerson

Volume 60. Semiconductors and Organic Materials for Optoelectronic Applications

Published: 18th December 1997 Authors: B. Gil B.C. Cavenett R.L. Aulombard G. Leising F. Stelzer Robert Triboulet

Volume 62. Magnetic Ultra Thin Films, Multilayers and Surfaces

Published: 18th December 1997 Authors: F. Petroff M.A.M. Gijs

Volume 55. Laser Ablation

Published: 6th August 1996 Editors: E. Fogarassy D. Geohegan M. Stuke

Volume 53. Ion Beam Processing of Materials and Deposition Processes of Protective Coatings

Published: 18th July 1996 Editors: P.L.F. Hemment J. Gyulai R.B. Simonton I. Yamada J.-P. Thomas P. Thévenard W.L. Brown P.B. Barna G. Wahl Yves Pauleau

Volume 57. Porous Silicon: Material, Technology and Devices

Published: 8th July 1996 Editors: H. Münder R. Hérino W. Lang

Volume 52. Small Scale Structures

Published: 5th July 1996 Editors: N.F. de Rooij J.-M. Moret H. Schmidt K. Samwer C.V. Thompson W. Göpel Alan Greer

Volume 56. C, H, N and O in Si and Characterization and Simulation of Materials and Processes

Published: 5th July 1996 Editors: A. Borghesi U.M. Gösele J. Vanhellemont A.M. Gué M. Djafari-Rouhani

Volume 54. Selected Topics in Group IV and II-VI Semiconductors

Published: 13th June 1996 Editors: E.H.C. Parker Peter Rudolph G. Müller-Vogt Robert Triboulet Erwin Kasper

Volume 48. Photorefractive Materials

Published: 29th March 1995 Editors: G. Roosen F. Agulló-López O.F. Schirmer

Volume 40. Semiconductor Materials for Optoelectronics and LTMBE Materials

Published: 21st December 1993 Editors: J.P. Hirtz C. Whitehouse H.P. Meier H.J. von Bardeleben M.O. Manasreh

Volume 38. High Tc Superconductors

Published: 5th May 1993 Editors: J. Dumas H.W. Neumüller H.F. Braun V.P. Seminozhenko Yu.D. Tretyakov

Volume 35. Synthetic Materials for Non-Linear Optics and Electronics

Published: 21st April 1993 Editors: C. Taliani Z.V. Vardeny Y. Maruyama

Volume 33. Chemistry for Electronic Materials

Published: 9th March 1993 Editors: K.F. Jensen T. Hirai G. Wahl Yves Pauleau

Volume 31. SiGe Based Technologies

Published: 18th February 1993 Editors: Y. Shiraki T.P. Pearsall Erwin Kasper

Volume 37. Single Chamber Processing

Published: 15th February 1993 Editors: Y.I. Nissim A. Katz

Volume 34. Semiconductor Materials Analysis and Fabrication Process Control

Published: 27th January 1993 Editors: G.M. Crean R. Stuck J.A. Woollam

Volume 30. Polyconjugated Materials

Published: 4th December 1992 Editor: G. Zerbi

Volume 22. Micronic Integrated Sensors

Published: 9th October 1992 Editor: J.L. Robert

Volume 26. Clays and Hydrosilicate Gels in Nuclear Fields

Published: 9th October 1992 Editor: A. Meunier

Volume 28. Nuclear Materials for Fission Reactors

Published: 21st August 1992 Editors: H. Matzke G. Schumacher

Volume 27. Chemistry of Cements for Nuclear Applications

Published: 17th August 1992 Editors: P. Barret F.P. Glasser

Volume 29. Modifications Induced by Irradiation in Glasses

Published: 17th August 1992 Editor: P. Mazzoldi

Volume 23. High Energy and High Dose Ion Implantation

Published: 16th June 1992 Editors: S.U. Campisano J. Gyulai J.A. Kilner P.L.F. Hemment

Volume 20. SiC, Natural and Synthetic Diamond and Related Materials

Published: 24th April 1992 Editors: A.A. Gippius R. Helbig J.P.F. Sellschop

Volume 25. Nuclear Methods in Semiconductor Physics

Published: 1st April 1992 Editors: G. Langouche J.C. Soares J.P. Stoquert

Volume 24. Laser Surface Processing and Characterization

Published: 9th March 1992 Editor: I.W. Boyd

Volume 19. Materials for Optoelectronic Devices, OEICs and Photonics

Published: 8th October 1991 Editors: H. Schlötterer M. Quillec P.D. Greene M. Bertolotti

Volume 17. Metallurgical Coatings and Materials Surface Modifications

Published: 26th July 1991 Editors: H.E. Hintermann J. Spitz

Volume 21. Analytical Techniques for the Characterization of Compound Semiconductors

Published: 26th July 1991 Editors: G. Bastard H. Oppolzer

Volume 15. Metal Matrix Composites

Published: 24th July 1991 Editors: G. Chadwick L. Froyen

Volume 16. Magnetic Thin Films, Multilayers and Superlattices

Published: 6th June 1991 Editors: A. Fert G. Güntherodt B. Heinrich E.E. Marinero M. Maurer

Volume 18. Surface Processing and Laser Assisted Chemistry

Published: 18th December 1990 Editors: E. Fogarassy I.W. Boyd M. Stuke

Volume 13. Interfaces in Biomaterials Sciences

Published: 1st November 1990 Editors: D. Muster G. Hastings

Volume 14A. High Tc Superconductor Materials

Published: 12th October 1990 Editors: E. Kaldis J. Schoenes H.-U. Habermeier

Volume 11. Acoustic, Thermal Wave and Optical Characterization of Materials

Published: 12th March 1990 Editors: G.M. Crean M. Locatelli J. McGilp

Volume 10A. Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Published: 1st March 1990 Editors: Erwin Kasper E.H.C. Parker

Volume 9. Science and Technology of Defects in Silicon

Published: 1st February 1990 Editors: C.A.J. Ammerlaan A. Chantre P. Wagner

Volume 12. Beam Processing and Laser Chemistry

Published: 1st February 1990 Editors: I.W. Boyd E. Rimini

Volume 8. Rare-Earth Permanent Magnets

Published: 1st August 1989 Editor: I.R. Harris

Volume 7. Solid State Ionics

Published: 1st July 1989 Editors: C. Julien Minko Balkanski

Volume 6B. High Tc Superconductors

Published: 1st June 1989 Editors: P.F. Bongers C. Schlenker B. Stritzker

Volume 1. Ceramic Materials Research

Published: 1st May 1989 Editor: R. Brook

Volume 5. Superconducting and Low-Temperature Particle Detectors

Published: 1st May 1989 Editors: G. Waysand G. Chardin

Volume 2. Photon, Beam and Plasma Assisted Processing

Published: 1st February 1989 Editors: E.F. Krimmel I.W. Boyd

Volume 3. Deep Implants: Fundamentals and Applications

Published: 1st January 1989 Editors: G.G. Bentini A. Golanski S. Kalbitzer

Volume 4. Metastable Alloys: Preparation and Properties

Published: 1st January 1989 Editors: K.W. Samwer M. von Allmen J. Bøttiger B. Stritzker