Series: European Materials Research Society Monographs

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Volume . Monitoring of Orthopedic Implants-

Published: 4th August 1993 Editors: F. Burny R. Puers
Some key aspects of what will inevitably be implemented in future implants are reported in this work. The highest performances of biomaterials will be attributable to incorporating the complexity and efficiency of associated techniques. Further improvement in orthopedic implants requires the application of advanced technologies. The ultimate goal is to integrate materials and other methods to communicate with a remote decision centre. In the sixties, interdisciplinarity resulted in the emergence of biomechanics and biomaterials. Interdisciplinarity now encompasses an even larger dimension involving complex aspects of multiple fields.

The articles in this volume present contributions by recognized scientists in fields as diverse as biomaterials, microelectronics and computer applications. The work will make an important contribution to the advancement of diagnosis and therapy through the amalgamation of medical skills and advanced engineering concepts, combining the advantages of interdisciplinary progress to improve the effectiveness of the implants. The choice of topics in this volume clearly illustrates the mandatory interdisciplinary approach to the complex systems that represent the future of biomaterials.

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