Series: Enrico Fermi International School of Physics

The Enrico Fermi International School of Physics aims to promote and disseminate up-to-date information on current developments in various fields of contemporary physics. It has built up a prestigious reputation as a high quality international school, where over the years many famous scientists, including some 24 Nobel Prize winners, have presented their lectures. So far, over 100 courses have been held covering an impressive range of disciplines and representing some of the most important topics in modern physics, e.g. the physics of the elementary constituents of matter, the scientific and technical developments of solid state and plasma physics, the structure and dynamical properties of atomic nuclei and the cosmological evolution of stars. The Enrico Fermi International School thus plays an essential role in modern physics.

Most recent volume

Volume 118. Laser Manipulation of Atoms and Ions

Editors: Ennio Arimondo W.D. Phillips F. Strumia
The recent fascinating progress on laser cooling is the result of the close connection between theoretical work and the rapid technological advances in laser sources, particularly in the field of powerful semiconductor and solid-state lasers operating over a wide range of optical and near-infrared frequencies. The very close international and personal collaboration amongst the researchers resulting in a direct link between experimental data and theoretical calculations which characterize work in this field, have been important factors in the rapid comprehension of the subtle and beautiful phenomena involved in laser manipulation.

This Enrico Fermi school is the first formal school fully devoted to this topic. The theoretical part of the book includes contributions on the framework for the study of the photon momentum exchanges in the absence of relaxation, recent mechanisms of laser cooling, an analysis of the cooling forces, analysis of atomic and molecular beams, cooling through coherent population trapping and the relation between laser cooling and quantum nondemolition measurements. The experimental section deals with topics such as, an analysis of atomic and molecular beams, methods and applications of laser cooling, advances in laser cooling and the new exciting field of atomic interferometry.

All students and researchers working in this field will welcome this excellent review of research and progress in laser cooling, so strongly linked to the fundamental understanding of physics.

Additional volumes

From Nuclei to Stars

Editors: A. Molinari R. Ricci

Quantum Chaos

Published: 15th July 1993 Editors: G. Casati I. Guarneri U. Smilansky

Physics of NMR Spectroscopy in Biology and Medicine

Editor: B. Maraviglia

Nuclear Structure and Heavy-Ion Dynamics

Editors: L. Moretto R.A. Ricci

Mechanical and Thermal Behaviour of Metallic Materials

Editors: G. Caglioti A. Ferro Milone

Volume 110. Metrology at the Frontiers of Physics and Technology

Editors: L. Crovini T.J. Quinn

Elementary Particles

Editor: N. Cabibbo

Earthquakes: Observation, Theory and Interpretation

Editors: H. Kanamori E. Boschi

Topics in Ocean Physics

Editors: A.R. Osborne P. Rizzoli

Synergetics and Dynamic Instabilities

Editors: G. Caglioti L. Lugiato H. Haken

Volume 109. Nonlinear Topics in Ocean Physics

Editor: A.R. Osborne

Semiconductor Superlattices and Interfaces

Published: 18th October 1993 Editors: A. Stella L. Miglio