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Volume . Detection of Drugs and Their Metabolites in Oral Fluid

Published: 1st February 2018 Authors: Robert White Christine Moore

Detection of Drugs and Their Metabolites in Oral Fluid presents the analytical chemistry methods used for the detection and quantification of drugs and their metabolites in human oral fluid. Drs. Robert M. White and Christine Moore summarize the state of the science, including its strengths, weaknesses, unmet methodological needs and cutting-edge trends. This volume covers all aspects of oral fluid drug testing, including specimen collection and handling, initial testing, point of collection testing (POCT), specimen validity testing (SVT), and confirmatory and proficiency testing. Specific analytes include amphetamines, cannabinoids, cocaine, opiates, phencyclidine, cannabimimetics and miscellaneous drugs.

This practical guide helps users turn knowledge into practice, moving logically from an outline of the problem, to the evaluation of the appropriateness of saliva as a test medium, and finally to a consideration of detection methods and their validation and employment.

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