Series: Elsevier Studies in Applied Electromagnetics in Materials

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Volume . Advanced Computational and Design Techniques in Applied Electromagnetic Systems

Published: 27th January 1995 Editors: S.-Y. Hahn
This symposium was concerned with advanced computational and design techniques in applied electromagnetic systems including devices and materials. The scope of the proceedings cover a wide variety of topics in applied electromagnetic fields: optimal design techniques and applications, inverse problems, advanced numerical techniques, mechanism and dynamics of new actuators, physics and applications of magnetic levitation, electromagnetic propulsion and superconductivity, modeling and applications of magnetic fluid, plasma and arc discharge, high-frequency field computations, electronic device simulations and magnetic materials.

Additional volumes

Volume 5. Simulation and Design of Applied Electromagnetic Systems

Published: 19th January 1994 Editors: T. Honma

Volume 4. Magnetoelastic Effects and Applications

Published: 21st October 1993 Editors: L. Lanotte

Nonlinear Phenomena in Electromagnetic Fields

Published: 2nd November 1992 Editors: Y. Uchikawa T. Furuhashi

Electromagnetic Phenomena and Computational Techniques

Published: 21st July 1992 Editors: M. Enokizono J.P. Nowacki

Electromagnetic Forces and Applications

Published: 21st January 1992 Editors: J. Tani T. Takagi