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Volume . Agile Energy Systems

Published: 1st January 2017 Editors: Grant Cooke

Agile Energy Systems - On-site power and central grid 2nd ed, offers new solutions to the structure of electricity provision, made possible by new energy technologies.

This book shows in the first section, how five precipitating forces led to the deregulation debacle in California: (1) major technological changes and commercialization, (2) regulatory needs mismatched to societal adjustments, (3) inadequate and flawed economic models, (4) lack of vision, goals, and planning leading to energy failures, and (5) questionable finance and lack of economic development.

The second half of the book, examines how the civic market paradigm for new economic models, and planning for complexity as sustainable economic development transformed in California, with the same five forces above can create an "agile energy system" based on renewable energy generation, hybrid or combined and distributed on-site generation technologies together. Such an agile energy system can be a new paradigm for energy efficiency, conservation and reliability for any region or country, in contrast to the brittle centralized energy grid systems created by deregulation. Today in California, the problem of centralized power systems can be seen in the worse drought that California has ever had. And the solutions also need to be agile for water conservation, efficiency supply and demand.

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