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Volume 3. Environmental Ergonomics - The Ergonomics of Human Comfort, Health, and Performance in the Thermal Environment

Published: 2nd April 2005 Authors: Yutaka Tochihara Tadakatsu Ohnaka

Environmental Ergonomics addresses the problems of maintaining human comfort, activity and health in stressful environments. Its subject areas include thermal environments, illumination, noise and hypo- and hyperbaric environments. The book concentrates fundamentally on the way the thermal environment has affected human comfort, health and performance from the age of cave-dwellings to our age of skyscrapers.

This book contains only papers selected from the 10th ICEE held in Japan 23-27 September 2002. The ICEE has been held biannually since 1982, and has firmly established itself as the world’s most distinguished conference in its field, offering the ideal forum for research scientists, medical doctors, engineers, administrators, technicians, healthcare professionals and students to share their work and ideas.

Additional volumes

Volume 2. Risk Assessment and Management of Repetitive Movements and Exertions of Upper Limbs

Published: 23rd April 2002 Author: Daniela Colombini

Volume 1. Ergonomics Guidelines and Problem Solving

Published: 31st January 2000 Editors: A. Mital Å. Kilbom S. Kumar