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Volume . The Second Handbook on Parent Education

Published: 28th June 2014 Author: Marvin Fine
This book should enhance the reader's understanding of the contemporary scene in parenting education, including effective programming, important issues, and future trends.

Additional volumes

Mathematical Difficulties

Published: 18th June 2008 Series Volume Editor: Ann Dowker

Volume .. Emotion in Education

Published: 8th February 2007 Series Volume Editors: Paul Schutz Reinhard Pekrun

Working Memory and Education

Published: 10th April 2006 Series Volume Editor: Susan Pickering

Empirical Methods for Evaluating Educational Interventions

Published: 7th March 2005 Editors: Gary Phye Daniel Robinson Joel Levin

Assessing Science Understanding

Published: 7th December 2004 Editors: Joel Mintzes James Wandersee Joseph Novak

Teaching Science for Understanding

Published: 2nd December 2004 Editors: Joel Mintzes James Wandersee Joseph Novak

Evidence-Based Educational Methods

Published: 7th May 2004 Editors: Daniel Moran Richard Malott


Published: 30th April 2004 Series Volume Editors: Cheryl Sanders Gary Phye

Designing Teaching Strategies

Published: 17th July 2002 Author: R. Douglas Greer

Volume TBD. Improving Academic Achievement

Published: 15th April 2002 Editor: Joshua Aronson

Development of Achievement Motivation

Published: 1st February 2002 Editors: Allan Wigfield Jacquelynne Eccles

Volume .. Handbook of Psychoeducational Assessment

Published: 17th April 2001 Series Volume Editors: Jac Andrews Henry Janzen Serial Volume Editor: Donald Saklofske

Learning and Teaching on the World Wide Web

Published: 21st March 2001 Editor: Christopher Wolfe

Handbook of Academic Learning

Author: Gary Phye

Volume .. Transfer of Learning

Published: 28th September 2000 Author: Robert Haskell

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Published: 24th July 2000 Editors: Carol Sansone Judith Harackiewicz

Assessing Science Understanding

Published: 20th December 1999 Editors: Joel Mintzes James Wandersee Joseph Novak

Handbook of Educational Policy

Published: 7th April 1999 Editor: Gregory Cizek

Volume .. Teaching Science for Understanding

Published: 13th January 1998 Editors: Joel Mintzes James Wandersee Author: Joseph Novak

Handbook of Academic Learning

Published: 20th December 1996 Author: Gary Phye

Handbook of Classroom Assessment

Published: 5th November 1996 Author: Gary Phye