Series: Developments in Volcanology

Elsevier's Developments in Volcanology book series is designed to provide a comprehensive source of detailed information on all aspects of volcanology, including, (1) Geochemistry (e.g. geochemistry of volcanic rocks, gases and related products); (2) Petrology (e.g. magma genesis and evolution, petrology of volcanic rocks); (3) Geophysics (e.g., physical properties of volcanic rocks and magmas, volcanic seismology, physical volcanology, heat flow studies); and (4) Volcanic Hazards (e.g. volcanic gases and the atmosphere, volcanic risks). It is expected that 2 or more new volumes will be published in the series each year. Series URL: []( For information on how to submit your book proposal, please contact Tirza van Daalen (Publisher) at [](
Book Series: Calderas and Ignimbrites of the Central Sector of the Mexican Volcanic Belt

Most recent volume

Volume 11. Calderas and Ignimbrites of the Central Sector of the Mexican Volcanic Belt

Author: Gerardo Aguirre-Diaz

The Mexican Volcanic Belt is a complex continental-margin volcanic province that crosses central Mexico from the Pacific coast to the Gulf of Mexico coast and forms part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. The book focuses on the calderas in the central portion of this belt, where calderas are more abundant and less well known than those in the eastern and western sectors of the province. Many caldera descriptions are published here for the first time. The calderas and related ignimbrites cover a wide span in time and space, with a Miocene-Pliocene age range. Very interesting magmatic and volcanic processes occur in each particular caldera and each caldera-ignimbrite description is unique. This book gives a description of these various processes and aligns them with what is known globally and provides geoscientists with a better understanding of the regional context of the calderas in the Mexican Volcanic Belt.

Additional volumes

Volume 10. Caldera Volcanism

Published: 28th May 2008 Editors: Joachim Gottsmann Joan Marti

Volume 9. Volcanism in the Campania Plain

Published: 22nd June 2006 Series Volume Editor: B. De Vivo

Volume 8. VESUVIUS

Published: 7th June 2006 Editor: Flavio Dobran

Volume 7. The South Aegean Active Volcanic Arc

Published: 13th September 2005 Editors: M. Fytikas G. Vougioukalakis

Volume 5. Melt Inclusions in Volcanic Systems

Published: 10th July 2003 Editors: B. De Vivo R.J. Bodnar

Volume 4. From Magma to Tephra

Editors: A. Freundt M. Rosi