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Volume . Anatomy of Seismograms

Published: 12th January 1990 Author: O. Kulhánek
1. Introduction. 2. Earthquakes, Why and Where do They Occur? 3. Structure of the Earth's Interior. Crust. Mantle. Core. 4. Seismic Waves. Basic types and essential properties. Propagation paths. 5. Travel Times. 6. Seismographs and Seismological Observatories. General considerations. Recording systems. Instrumental frequency characteristics. Analog and digital records. 7. Seismograms and Interpretations. Local and regional events. Volcanic earthquakes. Unusual seismic sources. Teleseismic events 10<&Dgr;<103°. Teleseismic events &Dgr;>103°. References. Subject Index. Geographical Index.

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Volume v. Theory of the Earth's Shape

Published: 1st January 1982 Authors: V.C. Dragomir D.N. Ghitau M.S. Mihailescu M.G. Rotaru

Spectral Analysis in Geophysics

Published: 1st January 1982 Author: B.M. Båth

Introduction to Digital Filtering in Geophysics

Published: 1st January 1976 Author: O. Kulhánek

Physical Volcanology

Published: 1st January 1974 Editors: L. Civetta P. Gasparini G. Luongo A. Rapolla