Series: Developments in Quaternary Science

Developments in Quaternary Science is designed to bring together important texts within the continually expanding field of quaternary science, providing an outlet for topics that require substantial space, are linked to major scientific events or are archival in character. The subjects covered by the series include a range of processes and palaeo-responses within the fields of geology, biology, geography, climatology archaeology and geochronology. Particular consideration is given to issues such as the quaternary development of specific regions, comprehensive treatments of specific topics such as global scale consideration of patterns of glaciation, and compendia on timely topics such as dating methodologies, environmental hazards and rapid climate changes. For more information about the series or how to submit a book proposal, please contact the Series Editor, Jaap van der Meer at or the Acquisitions Editor, Susan Dennis at .
Book Series: Ostracoda as Proxies for Quaternary Climate Change

Most recent volume

Volume 17. Ostracoda as Proxies for Quaternary Climate Change

Published: 20th December 2012 Series Volume Editors: David Horne Jonathan Holmes Finn Viehberg Julio Rodriguez-Lazaro

Ostracod crustaceans, common microfossils in marine and freshwater sedimentary records, supply evidence of past climatic conditions via indicator species, transfer function and mutual climatic range approaches as well as the trace element and stable isotope geochemistry of their shells. As methods of using ostracods as Quaternary palaeoclimate proxies have developed, so too has a critical awareness of their complexities, potential and limitations. This book combines up-to-date reviews (covering previous work and summarising the state of the art) with presentations of new, cutting-edge science (data and interpretations as well as methodological developments) to form a major reference work that will constitute a durable bench-mark in the science of Ostracoda and Quaternary climate change.


Additional volumes

Volume 16. Origins of Human Innovation and Creativity

Published: 25th July 2012 Author: Scott Elias

Volume 15. Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Published: 20th July 2011 Editors: J. Ehlers P.L. Gibbard P.D. Hughes

Volume 14. The Ancient Human Occupation of Britain

Published: 12th November 2010 Editors: Nick Ashton Simon Lewis Chris Stringer

Volume 13. The Myrdalsjokull Ice Cap, Iceland

Published: 19th October 2009 Series Volume Editors: Anders Schomacker Johannes Krüger Kurt Kjaer

Volume 12. Advances in Quaternary Entomology

Published: 16th September 2009 Author: Scott Elias

Volume 11. The Late Cenozoic of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Published: 17th June 2008 Editor: J. Rabassa

Volume 10. Tropical and sub-tropical West Africa - Marine and continental changes during the Late Quaternary

Published: 15th November 2007 Author: P. Giresse

Volume 9. Late Quaternary Climate Change and Human Adaptation in Arid China

Published: 10th May 2007 Editors: D.B. Madsen F. Chen X. Gao

Volume 8. Juneau Icefield Research Project (1949-1958)

Published: 14th March 2007 Author: Cal Heusser

Volume 6. Glaciotectonism

Published: 15th December 2006 Authors: James Aber Andrzej Ber

Volume 7. The Climate of Past Interglacials

Published: 8th December 2006 Editors: F. Sirocko M. Claussen T. Litt M.F. Sanchez-Goni

Volume 5. Iceland - Modern Processes and Past Environments

Published: 28th April 2005 Editors: C. Caseldine A. Russell J. Hardardóttir O. Knudsen

Volume 2. Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Published: 15th July 2004 Authors: J. Ehlers P.L. Gibbard

Volume 2. Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Published: 15th July 2004 Authors: J. Ehlers P.L. Gibbard

Volume 2. Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology

Published: 8th June 2004 Authors: J. Ehlers P.L. Gibbard

Volume 4. Spitsbergen Push Moraines

Published: 20th April 2004 Editor: J.J.M. van der Meer

Volume 1. The Quaternary Period in the United States

Published: 17th December 2003 Editors: A.R. Gillespie S.C. Porter B.F. Atwater

Volume 3. Ice Age Southern Andes

Published: 12th November 2003 Author: C.J. Heusser