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Volume 15. Layered Intrusions

Published: 18th October 1996 Editor: R.G. Cawthorn
Preface. Foreword (G.M. Brown). Mechanisms of formation of igneous layering (H.R. Naslund, A.R. McBirney). Fluid dynamic processes in Basaltic Magma Chambers (I.H. Campbell). Texture development in cumulate rocks (R.H. Hunter). A review of mineralization in the Bushveld complex and some other layered Mafic intrusions (C.A. Lee).The Skaergaard intrusion (A.R. McBirney). The Bushveld complex (H.V. Eales, R.G. Cawthorn). The Bjerkreim-Sokndal layered intrusion, southwest Norway (J.R. Wilson, B. Robins, F.M. Nielsen, J.C. Duchesne, J. Vander Auwera). Layered intrusions of the Duluth complex, Minnesota, USA (J.D. Miller, Jr., E.M. Ripley). The Fongen-Hyllingen layered intrusive complex, Norway (J.R. Wilson, H.S. Sørensen). Layered alkaline igneous rocks of the Gardar Province, South Greenland (B.G.J. Upton, I. Parsons, C.H. Emeleus, M.E. Hodson). The Great Dyke of Zimbabwe (A.H. Wilson). The Rum layered suite (C.H. Emeleus, M.J. Cheadle, R.H. Hunter, B.G.J. Upton, W.J. Wadsworth). The Stillwater complex (I.S. McCallum). The Windimurra complex, Western Australia (C.I. Mathison, A.L. Ahmat). Author Index. Subject Index. Insert in envelope inside back cover: Geological map of the Skaergaard intrusion (compiled by A.R. McBirney).

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