Series: Developments in Mineral Processing

A contribution by a global network of experts in the field to documenting current and future practice in gold ore processing, the focus of this volume is on advances in current gold plant operation, from conception to closure. Each chapter covers innovations at the bench and pilot-scale level that would be expected to find commercial application at some stage.
Book Series: Solution Chemistry

Most recent volume

Volume 17. Solution Chemistry

Published: 28th September 2006 Authors: P. Somasundaran Dianzuo Wang
Preface 1 Introduction 1.1 Brief Review of Solution Chemistry of Reagent/Mineral Systems 1.2 Outline of Solution Chemistry of Reagent/Mineral Systems References 2 Solution Equilibria 2.1 Acid-base Equilibria in Dilute Flotation Solutions 2.2 Dissociation Equilibria of Short-Chain Reagents 2.3 Diagram Approach of Solution Equilibria Flotagents 2.4 Weak Association and Dissociation Equilibria of Long-Chain Surfactants 2.5 Strong Association and Mucellization Equilibria of Long-Chain Surfactants 2.6 Hydrophobic Association of Long-Chain Surfactants References 3 Mineral-Solution Equilibria 3.1 Dissolution Equilibria on Minerals 3.2 Hydrolysis Equilibria of Ionic Species 3.3 Solution Equilibria of Dissolved Mineral Species 3.4 Surface Conversion of Minerals by Interactions of Dissolved Mineral Species 3.5 Change Equilibria of Minerals References 4 Mineral-Reagent Equilibria 4.1 Adsorption and Interaction Forces of Reagents 4.2 Microstructure of Adsorbed Surfactant and Polymers on Minerals 4.3 Surface and Bulk Interactions between Dissolved Minerals Species and Flotagents 4.4 Solution Chemical Reactions and Diagrammatic Approaches 4.5 Electrochemical Equilibria 5 Application of Reagents and Structure-Property Relationship 5.1 Classification of Flotagents 5.2 Collectors - Minerophilic and Non-Polar Groups 5.3 Frothers and Modifiers 5.4 Flocculants 5.5 Molecular Design of Floatagents Reference Symbols Index

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