Series: Developments in Geotechnical Engineering

Elsevier's Developments in Geotechnical Engineering book series is designed to provide a comprehensive source of detailed information on all aspects of Geotechnical Engineering.

The series is concerned with all geological studies that can be relevant to engineering, environmental concerns and safety, rock mechanics and the application of rock mechanics principles and techniques to mining and civil engineering projects built on or in rock masses. Topics include; aerial photograph interpretation for land usage, control of hazards from geological processes, assessment of geological factors affecting river behaviour, rehabilitation of groundwater supplies, field assessment of earthquake-generating faults, criteria for ground storage of hazardous wastes, techniques of reconnaissance, geological mapping for engineering, tunnels, caverns, underground mines, dams and hydro-electric stations, geothermal energy and radioactive waste disposal.
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Book Series: Fundamentals of Discrete Element Methods for Rock Engineering: Theory and Applications

Most recent volume

Volume 85. Fundamentals of Discrete Element Methods for Rock Engineering: Theory and Applications

Published: 18th July 2007 Authors: Lanru Jing Ove Stephansson
This book presents some fundamental concepts behind the basic theories and tools of discrete element methods (DEM), its historical development, and its wide scope of applications in geology, geophysics and rock engineering. Unlike almost all books available on the general subject of DEM, this book includes coverage of both explicit and implicit DEM approaches, namely the Distinct Element Methods and Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA) for both rigid and deformable blocks and particle systems, and also the Discrete Fracture Network (DFN) approach for fluid flow and solute transport simulations. The latter is actually also a discrete approach of importance for rock mechanics and rock engineering. In addition, brief introductions to some alternative approaches are also provided, such as percolation theory and Cosserat micromechanics equivalence to particle systems, which often appear hand-in-hand with the DEM in the literature. Fundamentals of the particle mechanics approach using DEM for granular media is also presented.

Additional volumes

Volume 84. Engineering Geological Advances in Japan for the New Millennium

Published: 3rd November 2000 Editors: Y. Kanaori Kazuyoshi Tanaka M. Chigira

Volume 83. Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction

Published: 22nd September 1998 Editors: C. Zhang John Wolf

Volume 82. Geoenvironmental Engineering

Published: 21st April 1998 Authors: A.M.O. Mohamed H.E. Antia

Volume 81. Earthquake Proof Design and Active Faults

Published: 2nd April 1997 Editor: Y. Kanaori

Volume 79. Coupled Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical Processes of Fractured Media

Published: 10th February 1997 Editors: O. Stephanson L. Jing C.-F. Tsang

Volume 80. Embankments on Organic Soils

Published: 8th November 1996 Editors: J. Hartlén W. Wolski

Volume 78. Coastal Engineering - Waves, Beaches, Wave-Structure Interactions

Published: 11th April 1995 Editor: T. Sawaragi

Volume 77. Rock Mechanics on a Geological Base

Published: 7th April 1995 Author: R. Pusch

Volume 75. Foundation Engineering

Published: 14th January 1994 Author: S. Hansbo

Volume 66. Principles of Testing Soils, Rocks and Concrete

Published: 13th January 1993 Author: T.S. Nagaraj

Volume 68. Creep of Soils

Published: 25th June 1992 Author: J. Feda

Volume 70. Stresses and Displacements for Shallow Foundations

Published: 27th May 1992 Author: D. Milovic

Volume 64. Reservoir Induced Earthquakes

Published: 9th March 1992 Author: H.K. Gupta

Volume 67. Seismic Effects on Structures

Published: 19th August 1991 Author: E. Juhásová

Volume 63. The Theory of Strata Mechanics

Published: 27th May 1991 Editor: H. Gil

Volume 62. Surveying Instruments and their Operational Principles

Published: 25th January 1991 Editor: L. Fialovszky

Volume 65. Heat Transfer with Freezing and Thawing

Published: 15th January 1991 Author: V.J. Lunardini

Volume 52. Limit Analysis in Soil Mechanics

Published: 14th January 1991 Authors: W.F. Chen X.L. Liu

Volume 61. Finite Element Techniques in Groundwater Flow Studies

Published: 22nd October 1990 Author: I. Kazda

Volume 58. Modelling of Soil-Structure Interaction

Published: 12th January 1990 Authors: V. Kolár I. Nemec

Volume 59A. Underground Structures

Published: 1st July 1989 Editor: R.S. Sinha

Volume 57. Grouting Theory and Practice

Published: 1st May 1989 Author: E. Nonveiller

Volume 55. Rock Grouting and Diaphragm Wall Construction

Published: 1st February 1989 Author: J. Verfel

Volume 51. Rock Mechanics in Hydroengineering

Published: 1st February 1989 Author: K. Thiel

Volume 56. Subsidence

Published: 1st January 1989 Authors: D.J. Reddish B.N. Whittaker

Volume 48. Rock and Soil Mechanics

Published: 1st January 1989 Authors: W. Derski R. Izbicki I. Kisiel Z. Mróz

Volume 46. Probabilistic Solutions in Geotechnics

Published: 1st July 1988 Author: L. Rétháti

Ground Motion and Engineering Seismology

Published: 1st August 1987 Editor: A.S. Cakmak

Volume 43. Soil-Structure Interaction

Published: 1st August 1987 Editor: A.S. Cakmak

Volume 42. Soil Dynamics and Liquefaction

Published: 1st August 1987 Editor: A.S. Cakmak

Volume 41. Clay in Engineering Geology

Published: 1st April 1987 Author: J.E. Gillott

Volume 49. Recent Advances in Lifeline Earthquake Engineering

Published: 1st January 1987 Editors: T. Ariman M. Hamada A.C. Singhal M.A. Haroun A.S. Cakmak

Structures and Stochastic Methods

Published: 1st January 1987 Editor: A.S. Cakmak

Volume 36. Rheological Fundamentals of Soil Mechanics

Published: 1st January 1986 Author: S.S. Vyalov

Volume 40. Mine Openings: Stability and Support

Published: 1st January 1986 Authors: J. Aldorf K. Exner

Volume 38. Soil Plasticity

Published: 1st November 1985 Authors: W.F. Chen G.Y. Baladi

Volume 37. Design and Construction of Mounds for Breakwaters and Coastal Protection

Published: 1st February 1985 Author: P. Bruun

Volume 39. The Geotechnics of Real Materials: The &egr;g&egr;k Method

Published: 1st January 1985 Author: E.T. Hanrahan

Volume 35. Groundwater in Civil Engineering

Published: 1st January 1983 Author: L. Rétháti

Volume 33. Anchoring in Rock and Soil

Published: 1st January 1983 Authors: L. Hobst J. Zajíc

Volume 31. Landslides and Their Control

Published: 1st January 1982 Authors: Q. Záruba V. Mencl

Volume 30. Mechanics of Particulate Materials

Published: 1st January 1982 Author: J. Feda

Volume 32. Strata Mechanics

Published: 1st January 1982 Editor: I.W. Farmer

Volume 29. Canal and River Levées

Published: 1st January 1982 Author: P. Peter

Volume 1. The Penetrometer and Soil Exploration

Published: 1st January 1982 Author: G. Sanglerat

Volume 28. Ground Freezing 1980

Published: 1st January 1982 Editors: P.E. Frivik N. Janbu R. Saetersdal L.I. Finborud

Volume 20. Soft Clay Engineering

Published: 1st January 1981 Editors: E.W. Brand R.P. Brenner

Stabilized Earth Roads

Published: 1st January 1979 Author: A. Kézdi

Elastic Analysis of Soil-Foundation Interaction

Published: 1st January 1979 Author: A.P.S. Selvadurai

Volume 27. Rockfill in Hydraulic Engineering

Published: 1st January 1979 Author: D.J. Stephenson

Methods of Foundation Engineering

Published: 1st January 1979 Author: Z. Bažant

Volume 25. Soil Physics

Published: 1st January 1979 Author: A. Kézdi

Volume 21. The Bearing Capacity of Building Foundations

Published: 1st January 1978 Authors: A. Myslivec Z. Kysela

Volume 18. Stress in Subsoil and Methods of Final Settlement Calculation

Published: 1st January 1978 Author: J. Feda

Volume 23. Stability of Tidal Inlets

Published: 1st January 1978 Author: P. Bruun

Volume 11. Dams and Earthquakes

Published: 1st January 1975 Authors: B.K. Rastogi H.K. Gupta

Volume 8. Rock Dynamics and Geophysical Exploration

Published: 1st January 1975 Author: L.N. Persen

Volume 76. Waste Disposal in Rock

Published: 11th March 1974 Author: R. Pusch

Volume 3. Tunneling in Rock

Published: 1st January 1973 Author: Ernest Wahlstrom