Series: Developments in Geomathematics

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Volume . Handbook of Applied Advanced Geostatistical Ore Reserve Estimation

Published: 1st February 1987 Editors: M. David
Some 20 years have elapsed since the publication of the first textbook on theoretical geostatistics and, after hundreds of practical studies, it is worth looking at how geostatistics has evolved to become the practical tool it was intended to be. Although there have been many new developments and dozens of new theoretical tools, the basis of everyday geostatistics - as used in orebody modelling and mine planning - has essentially remained the same. This book describes the advances made in the last 15 years which have practical applications in ore reserve estimation. In particular, it addresses the problems commonly encountered in the practice of orebody modelling when the data do not conform to the early theoretical models. It offers solutions to problems like irregularly distributed samples of irregular sizes, shows how to get the best possible variogram and how to model it in practice. It addresses the problem of the grade tonnage curve which varies with block size and proposes ways to compute estimation variances for an entire deposit or in the presence of a cut-off. Real case studies are presented in every chapter using, as far as possible, well-known deposits. The book is written for those who have a basic understanding of geostatistics. Every student of geostatistics should read it; every professional geostatistician will find it indispensable. The extensive table of contents can be used as a reference when looking for the solution to practical problems and the numerous figures will provide a clear description of all the solutions proposed. The bibliography has been updated to 1987 and contains everything significant in the field. The book will be welcomed by all those interested in geostatistics - mining engineers, ore geologists, and others.

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