Series: Developments in Environmental Modelling

Developments in Environmental Modelling is a renowned book series that saw its first volume appear in 1981. Over the years this series has proved to be an invaluable source of information to Biologists, Engineers, Ecologists, Economists and Operations Research Scientists who develop and use ecological models. The series is concerned with the use of mathematical models and systems analysis for the description of ecosystems, the control of environmental pollution and the management of resources. The impact of humans on the environment is also an important focus of the book series.  For more information about the series or to submit a proposal, please contact the Series Editor or the Acquisitions Editor, Susan Dennis at Series URL:

Most recent volume

Volume 29. Time and Methods in Environmental Interfaces Modelling

Additional volumes

Volume 28. Ecological Model Types

Published: 1st November 2016

Volume 27. Advanced Modelling Techniques Studying Global Changes in Environmental Sciences

Published: 8th October 2015

Volume 26. Ecological Modelling and Engineering of Lakes and Wetlands

Published: 30th April 2014

Volume 25. Models of the Ecological Hierarchy

Published: 1st October 2012

Volume 24. Numerical Ecology

Published: 25th November 1998 Editors: P. Legendre Loic Legendre

Volume 22. Environmental Foresight and Models

Published: 20th March 2002 Editors: M.B. Beck

Volume 21. Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling, Third Edition

Published: 14th August 2001 Editors: G. Bendoricchio

Volume 19. Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling

Published: 9th March 1994 Editors: S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 18. Introduction to Environmental Management

Published: 1st August 1991 Editors: S.E. Jorgensen P.E. Hansen

Volume 17. Modelling in Environmental Chemistry

Published: 24th October 1991 Editors: S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 16. Modelling in Ecotoxicology

Published: 20th June 1990 Editors: S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 15. Environmental Models

Published: 31st January 1990 Editors: J. Fenhann B. Rasmussen G.A. Mackenzie H. Larsen

Volume 14. Developments in Environmental Modelling

Published: 15th August 1989 Editors: M.J. Gromiec S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 13. Advances in Environmental Modelling

Published: 1st December 1988 Editors: A. Marani

Volume 13. Fundamentals of Ecological Modelling

Published: 1st October 1986 Editors: E. Jørgensen

Volume 12. Wetland Modelling

Published: 1st March 1988 Editors: W.J. Mitsch M. Straškraba S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 11. Mathematical Modelling of Environmental and Ecological Systems

Published: 1st October 1987 Editors: T.G. Hallam J.B. Shukla V. Capasso

Volume v. Agricultural Nonpoint Source Pollution

Published: 1st January 1986 Editors: A. Giorgini F. Zingales

Volume 7. Mathematical Models in Biological Wastewater Treatment

Published: 1st December 1985 Editors: M.J. Gromiec S.E. Jorgensen

Freshwater Ecosystems

Published: 1st January 1985 Editors: M. Straškraba A.H. Gnauck

Volume 6. Modeling the Fate and Effect of the Toxic Substances in the Environment

Published: 1st January 1984 Editors: S Jorgensen

Volume 5. Analysis of Ecological Systems: State-of-the-Art in Ecological Modelling

Published: 1st May 1983 Editors: G.V. Skogerboe M. Flug W.K. Lauenroth

Volume 4B. Application of Ecological Modelling in Environmental Management

Published: 1st November 1983 Editors: W.J. Mitsch S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 4A. Application of Ecological Modelling in Environmental Management

Published: 1st February 1983 Editors: S.E. Jorgensen

Volume 2. Water Management Models in Practice: A Case Study of The Aswan High Dam

Published: 1st January 1983 Editors: G. Guariso D. Whittington

Volume 1. Energy and Ecological Modelling

Published: 1st January 1981 Editors: J.M. Klopatek R.W. Bosserman W.J. Mitsch