Series: Developments in Earth Surface Processes

Developments in Earth Surface Processes provides detailed expositions of some of the best new fieldwork, laboratory assessments, and original thinking on the physical processes that shape the landforms of the Earth's surface. Topics include a wide variety of spatially extensive, temporally controlled, and numerically robust presentations. Selected experts on diverse aspects of geomorphic process and resulting landform evolution are sought for new volumes. For more information about the series or how to submit a book proposal, please contact the Series Editor Jack Shroder at or the Acquisition Editor, Susan Dennis at

Book Series: Neotectonism in the Indian Subcontinent

Most recent volume

Volume 22. Neotectonism in the Indian Subcontinent

Published: 1st January 2018 Authors: K.S. Valdiya Jaishri Sanwal

Neotectonism in the Indian Subcontinent: Landscape Evolution, Volume 22 examines tectonic resurgence in the Late Quaternary time of the Indian subcontinent embracing India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The book focuses on the causes and consequences of tectonic events that fashioned the landscape of a land characterized by a fragmented framework. The narratives on the structural and geomorphic developments during the morphogenic phase of the geodynamic history of the Indian subcontinent explain many phenomena. These include the tremendous height and spectacular structural-geomorphic architecture of the Himalaya, and the behavior of wayward rivers in the sinking and rising Indo-Gangetic Plains.

In addition are the shifting, deflection, piracy and even disappearance of rivers and streams in the dry desertic terrane of western India, as well as the unique drainage pattern of the ruptured-rifted plateaus and coastal belts of Peninsular India. The formation of huge lakes due to river ponding in the stable continental shield in Karnataka is also explained. All these phenomena are accompanied by ample illustrations.

The book portrays the evolution of the extraordinary to marquee landforms and landscapes of the subcontinent constituted by multiple terranes of contrasted lithostructural architecture and distinctive geomorphic layout—each with an altogether different geological history. It chronicles events of crustal unrest or tectonic turmoil manifested as displacement, subsidence and uplift of the ground with bizarre drainage changes and episodic seismicity. This book caters to planners, engineers and hazard managers, but also satisfies the curiosity of those who are interested in understanding the formation of the Indian subcontinent.

Additional volumes

Volume 21. Mountain Ice and Water

Published: 22nd November 2016 Authors: John Shroder Gregory Greenwood

Volume 20. Lake Bonneville: A Scientific Update

Published: 8th September 2016 Editors: Charles Oviatt John Shroder

Volume 19. Principles and Dynamics of the Critical Zone

Published: 19th June 2015 Series Volume Editors: John Giardino Chris Houser

Volume 18. Geomorphological Fieldwork

Published: 1st December 2014 Series Volume Editors: Mary Thornbush Casey Allen Faith Fitzpatrick

Volume 17. Earthquakes and Coseismic Surface Faulting on the Iranian Plateau

Published: 20th June 2014 Author: Manuel Berberian

Volume 15. Geomorphological Mapping

Published: 1st November 2011 Authors: Mike Smith Paolo Paron James Griffiths

Volume 16. Kenya: A Natural Outlook

Published: 1st November 2011 Series Volume Editors: Paolo Paron Daniel Olago Christian Omuto

Volume 14. The Western Alps, from Rift to Passive Margin to Orogenic Belt

Published: 6th October 2010 Authors: Pierre-Charles de Graciansky David G. Roberts Pierre Tricart

Volume 13. Natural Hazards and Human-Exacerbated Disasters in Latin America

Published: 30th September 2009 Author: Edgardo Latrubesse

Volume 12. The Changing Alpine Treeline

Published: 17th March 2009 Editors: David Butler George Malanson Stephen Walsh Daniel Fagre

Volume 11. Gravel Bed Rivers 6

Published: 19th October 2007 Editors: H. Habersack H. Piegay M. Rinaldi

Volume 10. Mountains: Witnesses of Global Changes

Published: 9th July 2007 Series Editor: John Shroder Editors: Renato Baudo Gianni Tartari Elisa Vuillermoz

Volume 9. Peatlands

Published: 4th December 2006 Editors: I.P. Martini A. Martinez Cortizas W. Chesworth

Volume 8. Climatic Geomorphology

Published: 16th December 2005 Author: M. Gutierrez Elorza

Volume 7. Catchment Dynamics and River Processes

Published: 18th November 2005 Editors: C. Garcia R.J. Batalla

Volume 6. Rock Coatings

Published: 30th March 1998 Author: R.I. Dorn

Volume 5. Geomorphological Hazards of Europe

Published: 7th April 1997 Editors: C. Embleton C. Embleton-Hamann

Volume 4. Environmental Geomorphology

Published: 20th November 1996 Authors: Mario Panizza M. Panizza

Volume 2. Weathering, Soils & Paleosols

Published: 3rd April 1992 Editors: I.P. Martini W. Chesworth

Volume 1. Paleokarst

Published: 26th March 1990 Editors: P. Bosák D.C. Ford J. Glazek I. Horácek