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Volume 26. Carbohydrate Reserves in Plants - Synthesis and Regulation

Published: 5th September 2000 Editors: A.K. Gupta N. Kaur
Carbon fixation, sucrose synthesis and its transport to storage tissue (Randhir Singh, Sarla Malohtra). The physiology of sucrose storage in sugarcane (Ewald Komor). Sucrose accumulation and synthesis in sugar beet (H.P.Getz). Starch synthesis and grain filling in wheat (G.W. Singletary). Starch synthesis and grain filling in rice (Jong-Ching Su). Starch synthesis in maize (David Pan). Grain filling and starch synthesis in barley (Alan H. Schulman, Pia Runeberg-Roos, Marko Jääskeläinen). Tuber filling and starch synthesis in potato (R. Viola). Regulation of starch synthesis in transgenic plants (P. Sathish, Heldi F. Kaeppler). Role of fructans redistributed from vegetative tissues in grain filling of wheat and barley (T.L. Housley). Fructan metabolism in Jerusalem artichoke and chicory (Anil K. Gupta, Narinder Kaur). Fructan synthesis in starch-storing tissue expressing a Bacillus Sac B gene (P.G. Caimi). Enzymology of fructan metabolism in grasses (Cynthia A Henson). Galactomannans as the reserve carbohydrate in legume seeds (M.S. Buckeridge, S.M.C. Dietrich, D.U. de Lima). Carbohydrates in trees (E. Magel, W. Einig, R. Hampp). Sugar alcohols as carbohydrate reserves in some higher plants (A. Moing).

Additional volumes

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