Series: Developments in Crop Science

Carbohydrate Reserves in Plants - Synthesis and Regulation

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Volume 26. Carbohydrate Reserves in Plants - Synthesis and Regulation

Published: 5th September 2000 Editors: N. Kaur A.K. Gupta
Carbohydrate reserves constitute the major part of edible portion of the plants. Latest researches in major crops like wheat, rice, maize, barley, potato, sugarcane, sugarbeet, Jerusalem artichoke, chicory and carbohydrates in trees have been included in this book. The book will be of great value to the basic plant biochemists, molecular biologists, biotechnologists, and genetic crop engineers and to the agricultural scientists working in different disciplines related to crop productivity. This compilation may act as a medium to initiate discussions among these scientists leading to new researches in the area of crop productivity and reserve carbohydrate metabolism.

Additional volumes

Volume 25. Perspectives for Agronomy

Published: 11th December 1997 Editors: M.K. van Ittersum S.C. van de Geijn

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Volume 15. Principles and Methods of Plant Breeding

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Volume 13. Yield Formation in the Main Field Crops

Published: 1st February 1988 Editors: J. Petr L. Hruška V. Cerný

Volume 12. Applied Mutation Breeding for Vegetatively Propagated Crops

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Origin of Cultivated Rice

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Volume 11. Sugarcane Improvement Through Breeding

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Volume 9. Taigu Genic Male-Sterile Wheat

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Volume 7. Biology of Rice

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Trace Elements in Plants

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