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Volume . Etching of Crystals

Published: 1st February 1987 Author: K. Sangwal
Defects in Solids, Volume 15: Etching of Crystals: Theory, Experiment, and Application focuses on the processes, reactions, and methodologies involved in the etching of crystals, including thermodynamics and diffusion. The publication first underscores the defects in crystals, detection of defects, and growth and dissolution of crystals. Discussions focus on thermodynamic theories, nature of pit sites, surface roughening during diffusion-controlled dissolution, growth controlled by simultaneous mass transfer and surface reactions, and chemical and thermal etching. The text then examines the theories of dissolution and etch-pit formation and the chemical aspects of the dissolution process, including catalytic reactions, dissolution of semiconductors, topochemical adsorption theories, and diffusion theories. The book tackles the solubility of crystals and complexes in solution and the kinetics and mechanism of dissolution. Topics include metallic crystals, semiconductors, stability of complexes, relationship between solubility, surface energy, and hardness of crystals, and solvents for crystals and estimation of crystal solubility in solvents other than water. The publication is a dependable source of data for readers interested in the etching of crystals.

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