Series: Current Physics - Sources and Comments

A Reprint Series in High-Energy Physics and Related Topics. Presenting a selection of essential source material on contemporary topics in elementary particle physics, each individual volume in the reprint series Current Physics - Sources and Comments is introduced by an independent specialist editor. This series of authoritative overviews of selected topics is meant to serve as a reference source for both researchers and students.
Book Series: Large-Order Behaviour of Perturbation Theory

Most recent volume

Volume 7. Large-Order Behaviour of Perturbation Theory

Published: 30th April 2013 Editors: J.C. Le Guillou J. Zinn-Justin
This volume is concerned with the determination of the behaviour of perturbation theory at large orders in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory, and its application to the problem of summation of perturbation series. Perturbation series in quantum field theory and in many quantum mechanics models are only asymptotic and thus diverge for all values of the expansion parameter. Their behaviour at large orders provides information about whether they define the theory uniquely (the problem of Borel summability). It suggests methods to extract numerical information from the series when the expansion parameter is not small. The articles reprinted here deal with the explicit evaluation of large-order behaviour in many quantum mechanics and field theory models. The large-order behaviour is related to barrier penetration effects for unphysical values of the expansion parameter, which can be calculated by WKB or instanton methods. The calculation of critical exponents of &fgr;4 field theory is presented as a practical application.

Additional volumes

Volume 9. Quarkonia

Published: 30th April 2013 Editor: W. Buchmüller

Volume 10. Vacuum Structure and QCD Sum Rules

Published: 23rd December 1992 Editor: M.A. Shifman

Volume 8. The Standard Model Higgs Boson

Published: 5th February 1991 Editor: M.B. Einhorn

Volume 6. Particle Physics and Cosmology: Dark Matter

Published: 8th June 1990 Editor: M. Srednicki

Volume 4. Superstring Construction

Published: 1st January 1989 Editor: A.N. Schellekens

Volume 3. CP Violation

Published: 1st January 1989 Editor: L. Wolfenstein

Volume 1. String Theory in Four Dimensions

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: M. Dine

Volume 2. Finite-Size Scaling

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: J. Cardy