Series: Current Physics - Sources and Comments

A Reprint Series in High-Energy Physics and Related Topics. Presenting a selection of essential source material on contemporary topics in elementary particle physics, each individual volume in the reprint series Current Physics - Sources and Comments is introduced by an independent specialist editor. This series of authoritative overviews of selected topics is meant to serve as a reference source for both researchers and students.
Book Series: Vacuum Structure and QCD Sum Rules

Most recent volume

Volume 10. Vacuum Structure and QCD Sum Rules

Published: 23rd December 1992 Editor: M.A. Shifman
The method of the QCD sum rules was and still is one of the most productive tools in a wide range of problems associated with the hadronic phenomenology. Many heuristic ideas, computational devices, specific formulae which are useful to theorists working not only in hadronic physics, have been accumulated in this method. Some of the results and approaches which have originally been developed in connection with the QCD sum rules can be and are successfully applied in related fields, such as supersymmetric gauge theories, nontraditional schemes of quarks and leptons etc. The amount of literature on these and other more basic problems in hadronic physics has grown enormously in recent years. This volume presents a collection of papers which provide an overview of all basic elements of the sum rule approach and priority has been given to those works which seemed most useful from a pedagogical point of view.

Additional volumes

Volume 9. Quarkonia

Published: 3rd April 1992 Editor: W. Buchm├╝ller

Volume 8. The Standard Model Higgs Boson

Published: 5th February 1991 Editor: M.B. Einhorn

Volume 7. Large-Order Behaviour of Perturbation Theory

Published: 18th June 1990 Editors: J.C. Le Guillou J. Zinn-Justin

Volume 6. Particle Physics and Cosmology: Dark Matter

Published: 8th June 1990 Editor: M. Srednicki

Volume 4. Superstring Construction

Published: 1st January 1989 Editor: A.N. Schellekens

Volume 3. CP Violation

Editor: L. Wolfenstein

Volume 2. String Theory in Four Dimensions

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: M. Dine

Volume 1. Finite-Size Scaling

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: J. Cardy