Series: Current Physics - Sources and Comments

A Reprint Series in High-Energy Physics and Related Topics. Presenting a selection of essential source material on contemporary topics in elementary particle physics, each individual volume in the reprint series Current Physics - Sources and Comments is introduced by an independent specialist editor. This series of authoritative overviews of selected topics is meant to serve as a reference source for both researchers and students.
Book Series: Quarkonia

Most recent volume

Volume 9. Quarkonia

Published: 30th April 2013 Editor: W. Buchmüller
The discovery of the two families of heavy-quark-antiquark bound states, the &Ugr; and &PSgr; quarkonium spectroscopies, has played a crucial role in unravelling the nature of strong interactions. The articles collected together in this volume are concerned with the connection between quarkonia and quantum chromodynamics. They deal with potential models, spin-dependent forces, next-to-leading order QCD corrections for decay widths and energy level differences, hadronic transitions and the quark-antiquark interaction in QCD, based on perturbation theory, lattice gauge theory and QCD sum rules. Finally, a brief guide is given to the existing literature on possible new quarkonium systems which have been conjectured in connection with gluonic degrees of freedom, and with expectations for new heavy particles with colour, such as the top quark and scalar quarks.

Additional volumes

Volume 7. Large-Order Behaviour of Perturbation Theory

Published: 30th April 2013 Editors: J.C. Le Guillou J. Zinn-Justin

Volume 10. Vacuum Structure and QCD Sum Rules

Published: 23rd December 1992 Editor: M.A. Shifman

Volume 8. The Standard Model Higgs Boson

Published: 5th February 1991 Editor: M.B. Einhorn

Volume 6. Particle Physics and Cosmology: Dark Matter

Published: 8th June 1990 Editor: M. Srednicki

Volume 4. Superstring Construction

Published: 1st January 1989 Editor: A.N. Schellekens

Volume 3. CP Violation

Published: 1st January 1989 Editor: L. Wolfenstein

Volume 1. String Theory in Four Dimensions

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: M. Dine

Volume 2. Finite-Size Scaling

Published: 1st January 1988 Editor: J. Cardy