Series: Current Japanese Materials Research

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Volume . Recent Advances in Coated Steels Used for Automobile

Published: 1st October 1996 Editors: K. Yamakawa H. Fujikawa
In recent years, the demand for steel sheets with higher corrosion resistance has increased dramatically, and the Japanese steel and car industries have been cooperating to develop new coated steel to be used for the body of automobiles. The papers in this volume highlight the recent developments of Japanese studies such as:

•New precoated steel sheets used for automobiles from the viewpoints of corrosion resistance and workability such as press formability and spot-weldability;

•New corrosion test containing wet and dry processes which has the possibility to divert to other materials;

•Al-Mn coated steel sheet which has the corrosion resistance comparable to stainless steel.

All the articles, which have been contributed by authors from the steel and car industries, provide definitive conclusions and constructive suggestions for this field.

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