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Volume . High Pressure Liquids and Solutions

Published: 1st August 1994 Editors: Y. Taniguchi K. Hara M. Senoo
Preface. High-pressure solubility of several organic and inorganic solutes in water (S. Sawamura). Pressure effect on the mobility of ions in heavy and light water (M. Ueno, N. Tsuchihashi, K. Shimizu). High-pressure multinuclear magnetic resonance studies on the solvent exchange of first-row transition metal (II) ions in acetic acid, ethylenediamine and nitriles (S. Funahashi). High-pressure high-resolution NMR measurements on liquid solutions (H. Yamada et al.). High-pressure study of the dynamic solvent effect on isomerization rate (K. Hara). Fluid structure and chemical reactions in low- and medium-density fluids (Y. Yoshimura). Pressure studies on the phase-transition behavior in phospholipid/anesthetic suspensions (S. Kaneshina et al.). Pressure denaturation mechanism for proteins (Y. Taniguchi, N. Takeda, M. Kato). Synthetic applications of amino SNAr reactions under high pressure (K. Matsumoto). Thermophysical properties of water and alcohol mixtures (S. Matsuo). Measurement of the viscoelastic preoperties of lubricants under high pressure by DAC (I. Fujishiro, Y. Nakamura). Ultrasonic speed in trichloromethane and dichloromethane and their thermodynamic properties under high pressure (T. Takagi). Static relative permittivity of some compressed fluids (T. Kita, Y. Uosaki, T. Moriyoshi). Index.

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X-Ray Diffraction Studies on the Deformation and Fracture of Solids

Published: 23rd September 1993 Editors: Kazuyoshi Tanaka S. Kodama T. Goto