Series: Computers and People

Rig it Right! Maya Animation Rigging Concepts

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Volume . Rig it Right! Maya Animation Rigging Concepts

Published: 12th March 2013 Editors: Tina O'Hailey

Additional volumes

Beyond the Desktop

Published: 11th October 1996 Editors: Christopher Baber

Structure-Based Editors and Environments

Published: 25th July 1996

Perspectives on HCI

Published: 3rd February 1995 Editors: Andrew Monk Nigel Gilbert

Understanding Interfaces

Published: 21st April 1994 Editors: Mark Lansdale Thomas Ormerod

Requirements Engineering

Published: 20th April 1994 Editors: Marina Jirotka Joseph Goguen

Information Superhighways

Editors: Stephen Emmott

Human Reliability Analysis

Published: 23rd June 1993 Editors: Erik Hollnagel

Models in the Mind

Published: 4th March 1992 Editors: Peter Bibby

The Separable User Interface

Published: 25th February 1992 Editors: Author Unknown

Cognitive Ergonomics

Published: 28th January 1990 Editors: Pierre Falzon

Cognitive Psychology of Planning

Published: 28th January 1988 Editors: Brian Gaines Jean-Michel Hoc

Fundamentals of Human-Computer Interaction

Published: 28th January 1984 Editors: Author Unknown