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Volume . Multimodal Behavior Analysis in the Wild

Published: 1st October 2018 Editors: Xavier Alameda-Pineda Elisa Ricci Nicu Sebe

Multimodal Behavioral Analysis in the Wild: Advances and Challenges presents the state-of- the- art in behavioral signal processing using different data modalities, with a special focus on identifying the strengths and limitations of current methodologies and technologies when deployed in real world scenarios ‘In the Wild’.

The book focuses on audio and video modalities as well as emphasizing emerging modalities such as accelerometer or proximity data. It covers tasks at different levels of complexity from low level (speaker detection, sensorimotor links, source separation), through middle level (conversational group detection, addresser and addressee identification) to high level (personality and emotion recognition), providing insights on how to exploit both the inter-level and the intra-level links between tasks.

This is a valuable resource on the state-of-the- art and future research challenges of multi-modal behavioral analysis in the wild, suitable for researchers and graduate students in the fields of computer vision, audio processing, pattern recognition, machine learning and social signal processing.

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