Series: Comprehensive Series in Photosciences

The European Society for Photobiology (ESP) is an organization for developing and coordinating the very different fields of photosciences in terms of public knowledge and scientific interests. Due to the ever increasing demand for a comprehensive overview over the photosciences the ESP decided to initiate an encyclopedic series, the 'Comprehensive Series of Photosciences'. This series is intended to give an in-depth coverage over all the very different fields related to light effects. It will allow investigators, physicians, students, industry and laypersons to obtain an updated record of the state-of-the-art in specific fields, including a ready access to the recent literature. Most importantly, such reviews give a critical evaluation of the directions that the field is taking, outline hotly debated or innovative topics and even suggest a redirection if appropriate. It is our intention to produce the monographs at a sufficiently high rate to generate a timely coverage of both well established and emerging topics.
Book Series: Sun Protection in Man

Most recent volume

Volume 3. Sun Protection in Man

Published: 31st July 2001 Author: P.U. Giacomoni
"Sun Protection in Man" looks at the beneficial and harmful effects of solar radiation. The physiological consequences of sun exposure have been systematically studied starting at the end of the nineteenth century and we now have accumulated knowledge about how Caucasian and Asian skins reacts to solar radiation. The chemical effects of solar ultraviolet radiation have been analyzed with particular emphasis during the second half of the twentieth century. Research on micro-organisms has allowed us to understand the mechanisms of UV-induced mutagenesis and photosensitization. Studies with laboratory rodents have opened the path to the understanding of UV-induced immune-depression, carcinogenesis, photo-damage and photo-aging. The results of these studies have enabled other scientists to investigate the same phenomena in human organs such as the skin and the eye. UV radiation damages hair, as well. The present knowledge in these fields is summarized in some of the chapters of this monograph.
Mass phenomenon in Europe with the generalization of summer vacations which were a consequence of social reforms introducing the concept of "paid vacations". This created a need for protection and opened a market for sunscreens.
This monograph is concerned with sun protection as a whole and is not just "another book on sunscreens". Nonetheless, in these days of general concern, it is important to learn about the efficiency of sunscreens. Several authors discuss how to reduce the number of impinging photons and explain why sunscreens seem to offer less protection than expected. Guidelines are given on how to use sunscreens in everyday life, which are expressed rigorously though clearly, for access to the common reader.
Our knowledge on the relationship between sun and humans is at the early stages of development. Industrial and commercial activities are concerned by the development of this k

Additional volumes

Volume 1. Photomovement

Published: 19th June 2001 Authors: D.-P. Häder M. Lebert

Volume 2. Photodynamic Therapy and Fluorescence Diagnosis in Dermatology

Published: 13th August 2001 Authors: P. Calzavara-Pinton R-M. Szeimies B. Ortel