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Volume . The Human Quality

Published: 16th February 2016 Author: A. Peccei
An autobiographical statement of the author's belief in the global approach to development and world problems. How can the human species survive the crisis of its own extraordinary techno-scientific success? In this truly unique book Aurelio Peccei shows us that the solution cannot be found in external factors. It must lie in re-establishing a sound cultural balance within man himself so that he becomes capable of living in harmony with the new human condition and changed world environment. Only by a cultural revolution which changes the human quality can we control and orient the material revolutions. Aurelio Peccei's distinguished career in industry, conservation, international affairs and as a counsellor on major world problems needs little introduction. He was a founder-member of the Club of Rome in 1968 and has been a member of its Executive Committee ever since. Inevitably he draws upon his wisdom and experience to highlight the arguments in his book

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