Series: Chandos Publishing Social Media Series

This series of books is aimed at practitioners and academics involved in using social media across discipline and industry. Social media can enhance services, build communication channels, and create competitive advantage. At the same time it remains a nascent object of research. This unique series explores practical and theoretical aspects of Social Media in the lab, library, research environment, and across industry.
Book Series: Social Media

Most recent volume

Volume . Social Media

Published: 3rd December 2018 Editor: Nina Verishagen

Social Media: The Academic Library Perspective provides a step-by-step guide on social media as written by somebody who has already done the work. Made up of case studies written by authors at various institutions who provide different perspectives on their institution’s use of social media, the book highlights successes and failures, while also focusing on tips for social media management in the academic library that anybody in the community can interpret and adapt. Social media platforms are dealt with systematically, making this an essential guide for librarians who want to use social media to the benefit of their library.

Additional volumes

Social Networks in China

Published: 20th September 2017 Authors: Xianhui Che Barry Ip

Social Media Audits

Published: 31st October 2013 Author: Urs Gattiker

Building Communities

Published: 31st October 2013 Author: Denise Garofalo

Social Reading

Published: 31st October 2013 Authors: José-Antonio Cordón-García Julio Alonso-Arévalo Raquel Gómez-Díaz Daniel Linder

Local Community in the Era of Social Media Technologies

Published: 31st August 2013 Author: Hui-Lan Titangos

Security Risks in Social Media Technologies

Published: 31st July 2013 Author: Alan Oxley

The Plugged-In Professor

Published: 15th May 2013 Editors: Sharmila Ferris Hilary Wilder

Managing Social Media in Libraries

Published: 24th September 2012 Author: Troy Swanson

From Science 2.0 to Pharma 3.0

Published: 10th September 2012 Authors: Hervé Basset David Stuart Denise Silber

Public Interest and Private Rights in Social Media

Published: 10th September 2012 Editor: Cornelis Reiman

Social Media for Academics

Published: 6th August 2012 Editor: Diane Rasmussen Neal

Social Information

Published: 4th July 2012 Author: Scott Brown

Digital Dialogues and Community 2.0

Published: 25th April 2012 Editor: Tara Brabazon