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Volume 2. Hepatitis C

Published: 7th September 2000 Serial Editors: John Gallin Anthony Fauci Serial Volume Editors: T. Liang Jay Hoofnagle
The anticipated encore volume of the Biomedical Research Reports Series, Hepatitis C is the first book that offers comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of this "silent epidemic." The subject matter ranges from basic science to clinical medicine, with contributions from more than 30 international experts in the field. This important new book details the hepatitis C virus and the disease that it causes, including its prevalence, means of spread, symptoms, complications, natural history, prevention, and therapy. The editors, T. Jake Liang, M.D., and Jay H. Hoofnagle, M.D., are both hepatologists and clinical and laboratory researchers who are well known leaders in the hepatitis field. Their team of authors provide the latest information on key issues such as the role of hepatitis C in liver cancer and evolving therapy for hepatitis C, including special subgroups of patients such as children, patients with renal failure, patients undergoing liver transplantation, and patients with HIV coinfection. The book also addresses future directions in antiviral therapy of hepatitis C and the real challenges of developing a vaccine. Hepatitis C is the integrated reference book for all researchers, clinicians, and students dealing with this troubling virus.

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Volume -. Emerging Infections

Published: 24th July 2000 Series Editors: John Gallin Anthony Fauci Series Volume Editor: Richard Krause

Volume 1. Emerging Infections

Published: 5th January 1998 Series Editors: John Gallin Anthony Fauci Series Volume Editor: Richard Krause